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I love that genre but also you know organizations are doing pop up concerts and performances in neighborhoods in a way therm aching in person. And they're bringing it to a more local community so in a way what we're seeing on the internet is getting more broad. You can see it all over a little bit more global yet live in person. Things are frankly getting a little bit more local. I know the columbus symphony has been doing pop concerts around columbus in chicago. The goodman theatre has taken their show fanny about the civil rights activists fannie lou hamer and they've they've got a little portable stage that folds out of a truck sort of like a food truck and they'll have scheduled times and they'll shell up in a neighborhood put it up. They'll do this. One person show and the audiences will really enjoy it. And i'm i'm going to raise up again. Cactus plays towards an anti-racist tomorrow. You know a series of of readings or they're more than readings performances online performances of plays. That again we wouldn't. I'm not sure we would have done before. And you know that those little pop ups that started actually back in the spring when whether was getting warmer was a true not just community collaboration or a community connection. It may have been a lifesaving line for some people who just had no one and were by themselves in the same four walls of their house To have young children playing music you know on the sidewalk so these folks all especially older folks could come out and listen. I mean that was powerful. I hope one of the things i hope one of the byproducts of this pandemic the sounds a little self promotional and forgive me but you know one of the things we as a culture did when we locked down is we turn to the arts. We turn to the streaming performances. We turn to our musicians. We turned to theatre. We turn to dance. And i hope this ends perhaps love esscalation of our value of that and one of the challenges of that because remember any art form is also in a way and industry you know people have to be able to read etcetera and you know one of the challenges of the pandemic is. we are creating this proliferation of artwork. But it's also a lot harder to make a living from it because we are largely offering it at tremendous discount or free and i hope that as people reflect on the lockdown and reflect on. How art was there for them. How music was there for them. How theater was there for them. That when we come back that they'll help support us to help our industry combat. I think that those of us who enjoy the arts during this time have to be really thankful that artists are so compelled to do their art that they didn't just make it available to us. They made sure we knew it was available because You know thank goodness. For television. Showing us these programs and facebook making highlight of it and But i but i agree with you. We we were. We think we'd gotten to the point of where we were treating as an industry instead of as an art form it's gotta be somewhere between obviously as artists were compelled to create art. We can't not do it right. But on the other hand we also need to eat bells and bills and all of those mundane things we have to do..

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