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Difference between bipolar and manic depression so i wanna hearken back from an it not to my own life wanna boy too much i wanna go to the one of my favorite shows from yesteryear he just died last summer i think james gandolfini tony soprano in the great hit on hbo of the sopranos so in the later series wanna latest series his son tries to commit suicide he's depressed and he comes home and finds his son in the bottom of the pool with a weight around his leg and he's trying to done it any jumps in the pool and a winter and pulls them out and he goes has a complete breakdown over his teenage son is a hobby heavy duty gangster and he goes to his therapist and listen to the interchange between the character of tony soprano dr melfi obviously i'm prone to depression certain bleak attitude about the world but i know i can handle it your kids though so when they're little and they get sick you give anything in the world to trade places with him so they don't have to shuffle an entertainer how are you the cause of jitters blood measurable existence my rotten future genes have infected my kids show that's my gift to my son i know this is difficult i'm very glad we're having this discussion.

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