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Your life rated for your call the end of the facts right away the same looking for the check he will never forget but five hundred Martin Truex junior is doing that now back to woody canes and that was born fifteen years twenty sixteen Darlington a wind and the hits just keep there it is again I'm a child of the nineties my gosh dancing and singing along we have through back every you will definitely go to pieces like we mentioned as part of their back we get Amaran is celebrating fifty years of broadcasting we would say thank you to the stations that have been with us from the very beginning back in nineteen seventy so a big shout out to stand country Q. one of two in Winchester Virginia appreciate all of the supplies certainly do let's head back out of the starting right now and talk to some more drivers Winston Kelly is standing by with a guy who can easily make the case that he is the hottest driver on the circuit right now listen to his recent finishes first second third first second fifth Winston that spell no question about it they were just talking about how hot you have been Denny Hamlin over the last several weeks but also come to attract that you're extremely good I we were talking about stuff fantasy racing your car was the first one picked on are pulling the trailer where we bet maybe a coca Cola let's say so would you pick you and how good is this race car if you had first pick yeah I mean the way things have been going for us certainly lately.

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