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Securing America the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says one hundred forty four officers were killed on the job over the past year. A twelve percent increase across the board. You see increases in every category of law enforcement task this year firearms related deaths. I showed a thirteen percent increase over last year's numbers CEO. Craig Floyd says there was also an increase in traffic related fatalities. Several officers truck outside their vehicles. Dozens more also died from work related illnesses in Washington. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News, the eight-year-old Guatemalan boy who died in border patrol custody on Christmas Eve had the flu. That's what an autopsy in New Mexico is determined though more tests need to be done that it's actually find the cause of death a little girl from Guatemala also died in custody earlier this month the Boston marathon. Bomber is making a new attempt to get off death row. Boston marathon bombers Johar hopes and appeals court will toss his convictions or death sentence. His attorneys on Thursday filing documents, saying the judge's refusal to move the trial out of Boston made it impossible for have to get a fair trial, the five hundred page brief includes other alleged problems with the two thousand fifteen trial, including Germans conduct Johar added admitted he and his older brother carried out the twenty eleven bombings at the marathon finish line killing three and injuring two hundred sixty others sarin, I was convicted on more than thirty charges. His brother was killed in a gun battle with police. Rich Denison, Fox News. Stocks could rise again on Wall Street futures are higher and markets are up more than a percent across Europe the morning after a big rebound Douaou was down about six hundred points yesterday afternoon. Then rallied back finishing up to sixty and Asda.

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