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A high profile battle. With CBS is 60 Minutes. The program is getting widespread backlash from Republicans and some Democrats. After recently aired a story alleging Mr De Santis funneled covert vaccines to affluent Florrick, Florida communities and privatize the vaccine rollout to benefit donors more from Julia Manchester political reporter at the Hill, Julia, What do we have? So essentially on Sunday night, 60 minutes aired a segment about governor to Santa's is Vaccine rollout in Florida. And essentially, the story started out with talking about inequity in the vaccine rollout, saying you're using Palm Beach is a bit of a subject matter saying, and you know, Palm Beach, Tony the city of Palm Beach, which is filled with lots of wealthy older residents had much easier access to the vaccine. However. Go across the way to West Palm Beach, which is more diverse and less affluent. There was not as easy of access for residents, so it touched on that. But the story really caught backlash when The correspondent essentially asked governor to scientists out of press conference, you know about, you know, essentially implying that there could have been paid to play with the Florida supermarket chain Publix that public, which has donated to Republicans and Democrats. Donated $100,000 to governor. Two samples his reelection pack on Ben. Weeks later there, Woz, uh, partnership between Publix and the vaccine Rollout system in Florida. The issue with that is that there were Democrats working with governor to Santa's, including the mayor of Palm Beach. Who worked to get that partnership deal with Publix. On top of that, as a Florida native, I can say this. It is a no brainer that government in Florida Would partner with public. There are Publix is all over the state. It was very, very popular grocery chain, So it was something to be expected. But there was an implication in the story that there was paid to play. But now you have Democrats coming out and practically defending Rhonda Santa's saying, Whoa, whoa, whoa! This was decided beforehand. Alright, so explain how the governor here is winning some points. Well, the governor is very much winning some points by going, you know all over Fox News all over conservative media and blasting 60 minutes, saying This is, um you two, you know, media bias against him Essentially. Moreover, he's also talking about it at press conferences. He's being asked about this, and it spits into his narrative that the media is biased against conservatives like him and that he's been treated poorly and it gives him a chance really, to Up, put off put on this No holds barred persona with the media similar to how President Trump has Politically right now, I would say this is very important to governor to Santa's, because he's looking to build his national profile. You know, obviously as the running for reelection in 2022 is approval rating is going up. Um, you know, as we, uh, I guess as the pandemic begins to end, or there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and he's also viewed as an heir apparent to President Trump in Republican circles. The consensus is as president Trump decides not to run in 2024 Rhonda. Fantasies in person to look at. We're speaking with Julia Manchester political reporter at the Hill. Her story is called Governor to Santis wins new fans on right in 60 Minutes Fight. S o. Does he see himself? As some sort of air, a parent or in the in the mode of Donald Trump. I think it's very obvious that he sees himself as that. I mean, he is very much billed himself, as you know many Trump if you will the state level and he has done that since he ran for governor in 2018, and he's been successful at it. Miss Julia Julia Manchester political reporter at the Hill..

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