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Plead guilty in court in washington thirty minutes from now good news for repub look trying to pass their tax overhaul key to key republican senators announced this morning that they are going to vote for the bill steve danes of montana and ron johnson of wisconsin both say they will support the bill that means that one of the following three republicans needs to vote yes susan collins of maine jeff flake of arizona bob corker of tennessee those three still have reservations that the republican tax bill would add too much to the deficit there was an independent analysis yesterday saying that the bill has so many tax cuts in if they're witted that it would add a trillion dollars to the deficit over the next ten years so we'll see what happens today with the republican efforts to reform the nation's taxes i'm good news if you hate the cook county sweetened beverage tax the tax is no more the cook county board voted to repeal it as of today because of widespread public outrage the county did have to lay off over three hundred employees one hundred sixty of them are in the court system that is run by chief judge tim evans tim is filing a lawsuit to block these layoffs cook county commissioner richard boy can reacted to the evans lawsuit this morning with big john in rambling ray on wls legal three hundred twenty one people did his office give hit the hardest your dip but we hit six weeks in terms of the budget of think a lot of people didn't think we were serious about actually taking a scalpel pull the budget and figuring out where we could cut uh redundancy duplication middle management and top heaviness some the government tim evans says his lawsuit says that the laos with caused disruption to the essential functioning of the court there's a hearing on his lawsuit at eleven o'clock this morning a lot of chicago ends waking up this morning to find their cars missing if they parked on the street wednesay summer burgers and line of.

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