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Sarah Huckabee Sanders, CNN, President Trump discussed on Joe Pags


The Bill pags show and Mike. O palca is my name sitting in for my friend joepags, loved to be here. Love the soda. It's love the reaction love all of the all of the guests, we have on the show, Sarah have to be a favorite, just because we went through some wartimes together at the blaze dot com. It's a different place today since the blaze merged with conservative review, very different place, but we hope all media. That's delivering a good journalistic product, survive and thrive. So though some days, it's difficult somedays. It's a real struggle, and I mentioned earlier that I was wedding, a finger at NBC news and at MSNBC I already went after CNN for what they did to the president's trip to Japan thought it was shameful. Shameful that they mocked the president because he sat in the chair dignified, that their big sumo match. He didn't choose to sit on the floor in across legged fashion. We've to call that sitting Indian style. We're not allowed to say that anymore. That's politically incorrect. What they teach the kids in school now. And they sit on the floor. That's criss cross applesauce. Everybody sit criss cross applesauce, but the president and the first lady set in a chair next to the, the prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abay and the first lady of Japan and they all looked really nice in their suits watching this big match, he didn't have to sit on the floor CNN shut up. And they said he didn't smiley frowned while he was smiling if you watched it, if you watch your own footage CNN, you would see that, that was fake news. Anyway. CNN. Shame on you and then let me get back to MSNBC NBC, I think MSNBC takes the cake for asking Bego aerobic, the following question. So I've straddled the sides of the campaign, and now covering campaigns play media critic, what can we do better? Those of us trying to cover your candidacies from very far away from where the first votes will be cast in. I have, so an actual anchor on an NBC news show. It's not an opinion show asked you bagel overwork. What can we do to cover you better? How can we give you more airtime? Can we suck up do you more? And then meanwhile when you get someone like Sarah Sanders, who is the, the president's spokesperson, meet the press goes after her and attacks like this. People hydra that's the wrong clip. I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed that I played the wrong clip of what I thought was Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the meet the press. But what lost did you know that's the Biden clip? Mike clips got all messed up here. Sorry. People had a malfunction. I had a clip malfunction when, when we get back, I will, I will slap my own risk for having the wrong clip loaded up. And I will play for you. The journalistic malpractice from meet the press that happened on Sunday, then it's Chuck Todd with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and just the phrasing of his question is insulting to the White House into to journalism. As a whole Mike appel Kim for jopacks come.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders, CNN, President Trump discussed on Joe Pags

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