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But you gotta give it a fair shot. You gotta be open minded, and you can absolutely find something that will work this enough foods out there. There's no excuse me amounts of the find find something that can work you, you know, did you do were you kind of one of these Jim broS that like like almost maybe maybe at some point new too much just enough to be dangerous kind of thing where you would almost you'd almost talk yourself out of stuff 'cause you knew certain things. Yeah. I think so that's absolutely. I know I've done that myself. You know, I'm guilty that myself where I'm like, I shouldn't do that. As a b and c and I'm like worried about all this other bullshit doesn't matter. I should I should go in and work hard and not really worry about it. And sickly, you know, when I get in my head like that. It's just it's just me making excuses because I don't want to do something heart. You know, I wanted something. And and he's easy doesn't always mean better. You know what? I mean, a lot of people wanna think these there's just like when you're training, right? Nobody wants to you know, whatever the exercises that people hate doing its own. They need to do the most, you know, because it's not an easy, but easy doesn't mean. It's gonna make you better. You have to challenge yourself. And you challenge yourself, you do it and you'll -ccomplish you that much more confident the next challenges even easier, and and again, it's all about this is everything you can relate disciplined, everything where you a night eater did used to wake up, you know, in the middle of night and just crush food or used to eat relate or anything like that. Oh my God. Do you have no idea? That's that's my that's still my issue now, and I have to keep to keep the house empty just to help. My hope my discipline because I'm guilty of that. I'll wake up to take a leak at one AM and I walked right by the bathroom cupboard. And I'm like what what are we got in here, you know, smashed out a bag of chips back, and then I was bad from that. I remember when I was when I was big big when I was like eighty five I remember, I remember like ordering pizza, you know, falling asleep. Waking up five at midnight. Not even getting up off the couch reaching grabbing the pizza he'd been going back to the sweet, I was bad. I mean, that's you know, that was a big issue for me housing. You know, whole thing's Oreos and all that stuff. I that was I used to do similar thing. A lot of times during the day either. That was the other thing I don't eat once or twice a day. Everything was eating just junk at night. Yeah. And I, you know, I'm guilty of the same thing. I do the same ad go, and, you know, ransacked, my my cupboard, and I would just smashed through all those all that food. But, you know, something I've been trying to share with people lately is, you know, your your feelings are big our big component of you. Having ambition you having discipline. If you don't feel good about yourself. And you know, that you're a failure in some ways. Like just because you ate that at night when nobody else was around, and because maybe even eight in the pantry it doesn't mean that the calories don't count they still count. And they still hurt you. And they still hurt your like you make up the next day. And you're not you're not real pumped about yourself like if you were dieting for a few weeks, and you went off the rails you'd probably wake up, and you probably kind of laugh, and he'd be like. Okay. Well, all right. Need your shit together? Not a big deal. But when you do it when you do it frequently do several times a week, you really feel like shit about yourself..

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