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Movies for I say cheap I'm fifty sixty bucks, that way you could say you own, part, of a movie. If you really wanted to, I mean I you're not gonna be. Able to, go out there and throw down sixty bucks. To get John Travolta's Saturday Night Fever Jim no no no but you can get some token prop from some, movie news the dude that owned that Saturday Night Fever white suit gene Gene siskel, Cisco movie critic yeah so the guy, from, the today. Show Gene siskel is Roger Ebert and gene Last, name because gene. Siskel had was gene had the mustache I thought, he was the guy with the. Mustache the fro- from. The today show I. Think you're right I. Think you're right I thought it was it was Roger Ebert and. I. Can't think of the. Name now Cisco you had it right I knew it wasn't who's the guy from the today show because he Yeah so so gene. Cisco owned that white suit in fact he was panned as a critic because he actually liked Saturday Night Fever nobody else you know in. In that world liked he loved it than I thought. It was a game changing movie well that's that played out well for him well if you go if you go online right now you can watch YouTubers. It's fantastic what they do they go back. To where the old movie, sets were and then go back. To like they've done it for fast times at ridgemont high they've done it for there's was a fantastical because court and I talk about all the time. For Saturday, Night, Fever because that's in her backyard where, she grew up and they, show. You the locations in Alday look now eight interesting. About Saturday Night Fever when you look at that I comic scene in, the club it. Was that they had to go in and literally, put tin foil on the walls. How come to decorate. It because they can. Just a bland nightclub. Dan dingy I if if you go into most nightclubs the walls. Are. Painted black etc but. They had to go in put tin foil is that on the walls Fire marshal love that absolutely you talk about you know checking. On YouTube and those kinds of things Nielsen's. With some ratings that were, really interesting to me how I. Know we use them in work but Nielsen says that Americans now spend an average of over eleven hours a day consuming media and part of that is. Using your, computer, for non work purposes but other than, that listening to or watching, live. TV recorded TV or DeVos device like Roku five, point two hours a day Apparently, US adults are spending more than eleven hours a day on average about two thirds, of your, waking time consuming media in some form that was in the the. First quarter and radio's number one ninety two percent either listing or streaming radio stations ninety two, percent well you're in your car Yeah but When you think people not working because you can't have the radio on all. The time although a lot of people do work with headphones on that kind, of thing. I guess and they said that eighty. Eight, percent View. Live and time shifted TV and web AB. App, web on a smartphone? Seventy? Nine percent well what are they considering radio is that like Spotify in the Part of it would be listening to stations to because there's a lot of people who will listen to podcasts and whatnot to does that qualify as radio because you could go pretty no that that I, think that that's considered something separate category that would be internet on a computer or an ADB web. On a tablet perhaps. Internet, connected device that would be that's, thirty five percent because technically here in about an, hour this'll, be a podcast yeah so so there you. Have, it but, it was shocking in radio still leading. Ninety two percent which we're grateful for because we're, the bomb well. Some, say we're the bomb? On? The cata bomb you're talking about Down my son back that's what we're going through right now as he gets ready to get. Back school here in. A, couple of weeks after really dial, in back because it's the YouTube with him it's, the YouTube, I'm like son you're going to end up. Having, a YouTube, instead I didn't mean to like the. Redneck the Utah YouTube phenomenon. That all these ads now that. They get their hands on and I said you will. Not if you, continue to stare, that, tiny screen it. Will wear on your is over time and it's not the old don't sit too close to the TV speech I mean this kid lives, I mean that's all he does. Is watch, it, and then he absolute this friend he does it. While we're all sitting? On. The couch. We, can't. Watch but I'm like dude, you gotta stay you gotta. Learn to put that stuff. Down because there's? Clearly an addiction thing there. And, and the problem. Is not a problem, is fortnight and it is. An, addictive game, in fact we, he went, to a birthday party over the weekend have you played it. Yeah and yeah oh, yeah I play it with them. But? I'm I'm too old they get addicted to it what is this like call of duty. Almost yeah it's it's fine don't get me wrong but it's cartoonish than sees yeah I mean but he go you're right but he goes to get a gift card in all. These all his. Buddies wondered, are, XBox gift cards I go why because they want. To buy skins because that's how fortunate get ya You. Buy and you buy? The. Skit had. To, do. The purchase right so I'm, like all you guys do. Then usually go to the. Parties it used? To be you had gifts. And, etc are you. They have nothing but, XBox gift cards and they. Burned, through the, things in like, ten minutes, at their party because they're all buying skins right I'm like why don't you get, him something that he might use? Like?.

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