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Break the gridlock in Washington, D C. Sacramento Mayor Gerald Steinberg is pushing for a new citywide plan to declare reducing homelessness. A top priority. KFBK is Mike Blunt tells us that includes developing solutions to bring people indoors. Steinberg says he will ask members of Sacramento City Council to first approved by $100 million housing bond. The bond is a statement of commitment, but it's also a very tangible way for us to be partners. Again with the nonprofit in the for profit communities to build more affordable housing City Council approved the measure in early 2020, but the effort was stalled due to the pandemic and budget concerns. Steinberg says he's confident the housing bond will pass with the new City Council members They're gonna have, and I know they do their own ideas to make what I have suggested. Even strong. If approved, the larger plan would allow City Council to adopt a calendar with public meetings and workshops to develop in vote on it. By June. Mike Blunt NEWS 93.1 KFBK Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer is moving closer to making an official announcement that he'll be running for governor of California. We get more from kfbk spliff Albert after saying for the last several weeks that he was strongly considering a run for governor of Faulkner, a Republican, said on Twitter. That he had launched an exploratory committee to help determine whether he should make it official in his tweet. Faulkner says no better way to ring in the new year than taking the first step and turning around California, adding, I want you to be part of this California comeback. Faulkner's tweet comes after he said over the weekend that he supports the current recall effort of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. Clip. Albert News 93.1 KFBK It's 606 on the kfbk Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. Thank you, Joe Michaels, and it's not a happy new year. For the entertainment industry will get more on that, but maybe sees Jason Nathan Seuin. Grey's Anatomy deals with life and death on a daily basis on the ABC medical dramas, one of dozens of shows now on a production paused due to the surge of coronavirus cases in the Los Angeles area. The major unions joined forces late.

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