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We gotta fix it. One fire. No, it doesn't work. He's worked for me. I'm putting up pulling up a tried to pull up. You can't tell me nothing for fucking ten minutes now, all I wanna do is fuck and. Dada and talk about who I- Marikana dude that you guys are chilling with me, man. Listen to me bullshit. It really makes my day and you guys are true babies. You really are. You really are true babies, am I internet doesn't work in one fires my enemy right now, but you guys are fucking Mitra babies, and sometimes you're closer to me then fucking than one fire is, and I've known him. I did. So I did. I went to go visit so I was in, I did a show what my Mirisho buddy at the laugh factory. I do shows with him sometimes on Friday at the factory. When I'm in town, he also DJ's k. at this place called the den in Hollywood, it's a cool place. It would probably be cooler if I was a frat guys will probably be cooler if I said stuff like our classic or talked about how good fucking guacamole was talking about pry Bula cooler if I had a black light. And tried to lure girls into my room by saying, hey, have you ever seen a black light. But. I don't go out a lot, but my buddy was DJ and I was gonna go pick them up because we were going to go eat afterwards. And it was like one fifteen am and I got to the place and I walked quickly through the crowd. So nobody would fucking stop me and be like, whoa, dude. And I walked in a went into the booth with him, which is closed off..

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