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One, I found out that inhibits the viruses ability to infect cells to inhibit the replication of already ineffective cells and three Sean it reduces infected cells resistance to treatment. With antiviral medications, So in other words, No. These anti viral medications that were taking for these viruses are actually boosted by people that are taking Claire sitting, so you know. I just wanted to bring this up because it just shows you that You mentioned the beginning of the show. You mentioned point you know, putting poison in your body and knowing and stuff like that. You're actually right. So When we have high blood pressure when we have other issues, we take medications and medications work very, very well. Andre do do their jobs, but with those medications You have collateral damage? That's the poison part that you were talking about. I assume yeah. And so like, for example, I take if I take Advil for pain out of the works great. I mean everybody out there who has pain. They take Advil relieve whatever your choice and say it is, it works great for the pain. But unfortunately there's a cost and that cost is swelling of the lower extremities, high blood pressure damage to your kidneys, bleeding ulcers and even death. You know those air that's collateral damage from those medications. What was great about these supplements. They give you collateral benefits. So you're taking resveratrol rewind because you're interested in its any inflammatory of facts. It's anti aging effects. But guess what? You're going to get collateral benefits, and you might. I'm not saying you know, this is a definite thing. I mean, obviously, they have studies that they think they're doing. There's actually a study from Canada. Canadians actually went to China. During the during the beginnings of the epidemic. The pandemic, and they're they're doing a study with acquires a pin on I haven't seen the results yet. But again, there are studies that show it helps with the flu. It helps with other viruses. You have to assume that it's got to be some positive effects with grown a virus. But my point is there. Is there a troll rewind. You're not going to get collateral damage. You actually get collateral benefits and This happens a lot with With the products, for example, you know you're taking an omega three we every week. Sean. We talk about Omega threes every single week there. We talked about it with, um with our hearts with our brain health. But you know if, if you recall there was there was a scientist Elizabeth Blackburn, who did studies that looked at kilometers Member Killem years. Sean, are those shoe laces the tips of the shoe laces, and that's the telomeres are kind of like the ends of our didna and at the at the ends of the DNA's. There's there's kilometers and they're like the caps to the Sedation to the shoe lace, and as we age, there's telomeres unwind. And we get damaged to Edna. And that's the theory behind what what Aging is and Elizabeth Blackburn studies showed that taking omega threes Actually protects those kilometers and Ford Omega threes can also have anti aging effects. S so again, just one of the many collateral benefits. Of taking an old man. That's just amazing. Omega that amazing find so thank your wife force because We? We've know we've been talking about it now for the last 1 10 months or so, as we've been battling this pandemic about health probiotic would be beneficial of vitamin D three is a must. Zink is you mentioned? Eyes and helping to build and maintain your immune system. And now we find it a resveratrol rewind has this queer sittin in it that is also helpful on battling and fending off viral infections. And if you are, if you do catch the virus on in some cases it can help stop it from replicating and Actually help antivirals treated so that that's an incredible fine. Thank you, Doctor for that we've heard from Sonny Sonny says. I've used rescue resveratrol rewind for many years, and one of the benefits I found is it helped my arthritis. Especially in my shoulders before taking resveratrol. I couldn't get a dental exam without making them upright the chair during exam a few times because of the shoulder pain Now that's not an issue. The doctor. In addition to what we've already discussed, how can his virtual rewind help pain or inflammation? Again, as I mentioned earlier was very troll, um, is very good, natural, anti inflammatory. And if you look at a lot of these pain Remedies that use you know that she she advertised on TV. One of their ingredients is resveratrol. Now I I looked at some of these and look at the ingredients and a lot of them aren't even the transfers very troll, which is the more You know, active form? Um, so you know, I think that again, you know, this goes to the your point of, you know, what are you taking? Is it you know, knowing what's behind the label? You know, just because it says resveratrol doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the appropriate resveratrol. On. Do you know we use that example with all the different types of fish oils. They're out there by something. It's official on it and might not even contain three essential fatty acids that we talked about. Same thing was with the resveratrol s so I can only really speak upon this product That was very trial. Rewind on. There. It is a very good anti inflammatory. It's also very good for our hearts. There was research that shows The rich spiritual man actually keep our hearts healthy by limiting the effects of cardiac fibrosis, which is a hardening of the heart tissue. There was also a study from the American Heart Association. That suggested the properties and red wine can help lower cholesterol and reduce the threat of at the rose Sclerosis, because, remember Sean what's one of the risk factors for for after a sclerosis? Or the hardening of our arteries is chronic inflammation on, according to the the American Heart Association, the Pali Pali, phenolic compounds and red wine. Appear to have anti clotting and anti from biotic actions s O You know, there has been, you know, as I said, a lot of research regarding resveratrol. When it comes to our hearts. When it comes to inflammation, there's actually been studies with diabetic patients. There was a child, Sean and enrolled 66. Type Two diabetic men and women and participants were supplemented with 1 G of resveratrol or placebo daily for 45 days. And at the end of the study, subjects who received resveratrol had experienced a lower systolic blood pressure. Lower fasting blood glucose, a lower hemoglobin, a one C insulin and insulin resistance and demonstrated an increase. In HD. Oh cholesterol, while glucose, the decline by an average of almost 35 mg per desole, and among those who received resveratrol Subjects to receive placebo experience, an average increase. Of 9.89 a swell as a rise in a new lbl so In other words, you know, it really helps. And I think A lot of the reason for that. Is because of its powerful anti inflammatory effects. Norma and place will has written in. She's his doctor, Can I just have a glass of French red wine a day and get the same benefits? Um, you know again, it's a great question, and by all means that you should enjoy a glass of wine, but to get this amount of resveratrol You would not be able to drive with the amount of wine he would have to drink it, Z..

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