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Ready to layer up. Tony here is your theory. Oh, johnny. Oh. I'm very happy that I had the bamboo pants. That's my right. And this is going to be great because we're having a little bit of a warm up here in the mid Atlantic mornings. You're ready to go at that vest. And before you go forward. I have a quick announcement about your Email. Yeah, we had a lot of correct guesses. What what happened was when you did the automatic update. You had to resupply your pass code for your AOL Email account, which of course, you had lost. Of course. So you had been supplying the wrong pass code. But it had looked if anyone were to go into your settings. It looked like the Email password was already loaded. So, but that's why wasn't loading for five days. I was on the phone during Friday show with Ayla customer service. They were very helpful a little A bit. little bit surprise. Clearly, I was able to describe the problem and we got to a solution. So we have a new passcode for you. I'm not gonna have anyone guessed the number. Okay. One one one now have access to Email. That's great. Do I already have that are just have it? Now you've had tire weekend. Yes, I've had it. So that's that's I'm happy about that. I did get an offer George Mitchell. Vich sent me a note saying that his son Tim works on IT stuff in the in the Senate and would help me with one pro Bono. Resetting shuli. But I don't need announce that in your back pocket. You have some news. Let's do the news. Yes. I do need Missa Tony for so I just want to say, thanks to Frank. Karen's husband. He was in fact, the dinosaur with the leaf blowers that was. Thank you. Actual. I will tweet out a picture. You're in the two one five swing by their house for trick or treating it as a. It's the best football, Mr Tony. Yeah. We haven't done the football big. Well, we in the game. I'm not sure if it was on your radar shoot have been on Saturday Georgetown came into this game. Colgate just blistering hot. I'm going to tell you. I don't know the score. But I'm going to bet on Kobe because they're a football school. Well, you're an expert in sports media because Colgate wins thirty eight nil. We did not cross the fifty okay? I think that that's right. The entire field. Yeah. So. Probably why we didn't win. Yeah. Okay. That's nice notes about that. Not a very supportive. About twenty. Football. Into the game to the NFL. Big. Well, we should say. Nice win for the Redskins. Wasn't exactly a great terrific win for the my my feeling about that game is very very simple. Had they lost that game to a terrible team. The giants terrible. They lost that game. We cannot even talk about them for the rest of time this year. But now people will say, hey, you wanna fire up the bandwagon? No, no touchdowns. There. Easy, schedule defense looks legit. They haven't incredibly easy schedule going through the only really the game that really sets up a hard game seems to be at Philly because Philly at least one yesterday in in London..

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