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As a kicker. You know, you you live for those moments. And I was like you said I was I was three for three before that a lot of confidence going into that kick. So I went out there at the my long, snapper and holder did a great job. And I saw the win moving a little bit. I said all right. This is where I'm gonna play it. And obviously, I didn't know it was tipped or anything. I just went down. And I thought I hit a pretty good kicking it up my foot and then looking up, and then I saw it hit the upright. Hit the crossbar, and I'm not sure surely it'll go ahead. Unfortunately bounced towards me, but I am disappointed. I let the the fans my team-mates and the whole organization down, but I'll continue to keep my head held high. Because football is what I do. It's not who I am. That's what you're getting paid for their c- park. Yeah. That was bears kicker Cody parkey on network television. And, you know, look, okay. You want to own it. A you want to own up to it. You wanna take the blame? Whatever you wanna face the fury. All right, fine. That's what the post game media addressing his for this like promotional tour. Don't need it. Okay. Bears fans because every time we see your face in every time any bears fan would see your face. They're just be reminded of it time and time again. And I mean, if you're Cody parkey at this point, you might want to ease back let the off season play out time heals all wounds. Right. Don't we know that? Well, Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy was known to impress. And we'll hear a little sound from him in a hot moment. But about this general manager Ryan pace, you said you're never going to battle thousands and free agency. I know Cody wishes he had a better season. We wish he had a better season two. We just got to evaluate. Eight that. Now, you've got to be honest with yourself these. I think as we go forward that's got to be real and say, hey, that's an important position for us. It's a position of emphasis we want more production out of that position. And we're going to get it. We're going to strive for that that's going to be America focus our goal, of course, is to hit on every draft pick on every free agent. That's just not reality. Sometimes when that doesn't happen. You have to self reflect and be honest, and then improve it going forward at the minimum. Ryan said there's going to be an open kicker competition. He said that's going to be an emphasis in focus for us. They'll definitely be competition by the way, if the bears decided to cut Cody parkey four point four million worth of dead cap salary money next year, that's all just four point four million. And that's why they didn't cut them during this season. After he missed a ton of kicks four uprights against the Detroit Lions Mr. kick versus the Vikings the final week of the season. Mr. gig in San Francisco. Versus the forty Niners miss kicks all year long this one week one against Green Bay that would have put them up in that game probably up for good. So just you know, if you're Cody parkey just fade back, man. Just stay in the background like your pro. That's fine. You owned up to it? Like, you know, everybody's gonna move on. What they don't need to see is when they click on the television, see you on network television. Because it's almost like, you know, you're you're it's almost like you're not making light of it. But it's almost like you're excusing it. You know, you're like look how look how vigilant I've been look owning up to this look at how much integrity I have pro just shut your face. I mean, that's it. You got millions of dollars. Why aren't you practicing kicks right now? That's what I want to know. Let's hear from Chicago Bears head coach, Matt Nagy. Who was none too pleased? Yeah. I found out. I don't even know that you know, the exact time that it was. But you know for for me. Me. And and you understand that we always talk about, you know, a we are not a meeting, and we always talk as a team we win as a team we lose as a team, and I didn't necessarily think too. That was too much of a we thing. I think it was appropriate. I think it was a we thing. Let me read between the lines there. Matt Nagy was pissed as hell he much like we don't wanna see Cody Parke's face. And I would be very surprised if Cody parkey ever kicks for the Chicago Bears. I didn't think it was a we thing. Right. Let me seriously. He just he sounded so pissed right there. Can we play that one more time? Again, I didn't think it was a we think. No. I mean, like, the the clip I found out I don't even know that, you know, the exact time that it was you know, for for me. And and you understand that we always talk about, you know, a we are not a meeting, and we always talk as a team we win as a team we lose as a team, and I didn't necessarily think too. That was too much of a we thing right here. Again, I didn't think it was a we thing like you could you could just hear the disdain in his voice, or we needed Trubisky to come in the news and be like our idiot kicker got liquor went on daytime television. But I'll deal with it when I get home, you know, thous- the best part about Peyton Manning when he's talking about Mike Vander, Jack there the way said I'll deal with it. When I get back to Indianapolis. That's one of the greatest things I've ever heard in my life. Also, remember how we were talking about goose island doing that kicking challenge. Nobody made one. Got guys like kicking in snow without cleats on anybody's supposed to make that gets you. There was some there are some sawed cakes. The the security guard taking one of the pills. That's the point. It's like, dude. Get him out on a football field on grass with cleats like. I mean, like I said, dude, I've kicked off what I kick a like a thirty seven yarder in my life. I'm kick a couple of long field goals like you can feel as ice kick them. All the time. We used to go down there all the time with the college football and kick field goals. That's what it's all about. Did we had kicking tryouts at my high school because our kicker got hurt. And I was awful. I did not I was not in the running at all or toot our backup quarterback ended up being the kicker and punter, and it was it was awesome is hilarious. And it was just a huge adventure. Every time we tried to put went through the post. It was like you had no idea where it was gonna go. That's great. All right. Coming up. We'll talk.

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