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So coats were an in i don't have a problem with you to taking the time that they the wood to to take him out of this program i think there's a lot of spinning wheels there uh what i i will say is that this is undeniably something that youtube had to put a line in the sand and say no you cannot show a corpse in a video that we all her a yoke specifically couve created this program so people would not have to worry about random the or that their ads appearing on something that they would find distasteful i would also as much as i love and respect patrick beja there are many ways if this was an accident and i do believe that that the circumstances of this thing lens it to at least the speculation that it was not an accident uh that that you can trade this horrifying experience without the doing it the way that he did it which i think was horrifying and distasteful yeah would you say it was not an accident i've i've just to be clear you mean it was not an accident that he posted this uh in a in a way that that caused a lot of noise you're not say robert justin robert young not daily tech new show is saying i am not entirely convinced that this was not set up by bag as suicide was set up i am doubt none of out that they know that that the iter the guide or somebody else that knew that there was a body there okay okay that's what i was trying to clarify as we're not tried to accuse locum paul of murder on murder donor i'm i'm not upping short of accusing him of mart yeah we're ju babe i see what you're saying which is he probably knew there would be a body there a he did not stumble across it accidentally beleaguered wild speculation assured okay and then in fair enough i think there's a way bigger conversation to be had here at another time but uh in in an era where a lot of folks who are prominent in hollywood and entertainment r r.

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