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We're back and before we leave right into Atlanta and vander pump. Which is what we have to talk about this week. We want to kind of do something a little bit different that relates to the Times right now and that is I would like to play a clip and this is a recorded clip that we've been given Licensed play by Miss June Diane Raphael and our beloved astrologer Heidi Rose Robbins. So you know the Jane Club Danielle where you and I both work yet because FEMA workspace here in La. They have gone virtual. So it's called like Jane Club virtual. They've been having these amazing kind of talks everyday where they'll have meditation and classes for kids and just general check ins where you can kind of see other women and kind of see where everyone's at they've had speakers yes. Sydney did a talent show and online talent. Show there. It was so cute. It's truly been my literally my lifeline. And they had a talk a fireside chat they called it with Eddie Rose Robbins a couple of days ago and I was like well. This should be a Ted talk and I guess the next best thing is for it to be on our podcast. A BITCH TALK. I Bitch Dot Basically. Heidi said and and I'M GONNA play it for you here that we can all take a look at our son. Signs. So like I'm a Scorpio and are rising signs which CAPRA corn. And if you don't know your rising you can look it up online and basically we can take the strongest components of our astrological signs and use that as a guide for what we have to offer right now to our communities ourselves to our families during this time like what qualities should we be leaning on as our highest cells to help us get through this time it was one of the. Most moving galvanizing honestly speeches slash declaration. Jack Lorraine's I've heard in this time and there's so much content out there right now but I did want to share it with everyone yes I found it incredibly comforting and meaningful and this time. So we're GONNA actually turn it over right now to Heidi Rose Robbins and I hope you take a listen and.

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