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You to pound sand. Exactly, exactly. This is Denise and there's no problem with your current credit card, but if you'd like to save big money. No Denise by especially when it's a phone. They call the phone number. That's not connected to any credit card. I have we'll ever have. Right. And but basically that's just to get you on the line. So they can get your information in and try to sell. Tell you something that you really don't need gel. Lemme tell you my dad loves these telemarketer calls because he just messes with them. He'll try to keep them on the line as long as possible because he's got nothing else. Better to do. You know, I have a friend who who says when the of course, a lot of them recorded. But when it's a real live person, they'll say do me a favor hang on a second. And he'll just put the phone down and go do something else. And just. It's load them. Wait. I can remember growing up in the back when we actually still had land lines were thing, and it would never fail the telemarketers. It's almost like they had some sort of system. They knew when we were sitting down to eat. Yes. And the phone would ring like clockwork it does. Anyway, that would go over pick it up realize it was a telemarketer just set it down on the table. We go back and Sydney by their newly give we got done. Eating gobert. Hang the phone up. Sounds like a good plan. It sounds like your dad and Billy's data are both on the same page because it's I don't know. I just it is one of those things universally people just hate those and the the no call list guys. The thing was supposed to take care of this and the telemarketers. Boy, they learned how to blow right past that. It's a needs some teeth to it. I mean, I get it. There's some penalties. I guess if they find you like this group or groups whoever did the four groups here that the the FTC has ruined their day, right and made everybody else to stay. Oh, they'll just re organized with another shell company before. Oh, yeah. Dry on the order. And then you get the ones. That they're obviously robocalls. But it's the they want they claim to be from the IRS. And that there's an there's a warrant for your arrest in the by your local sheriff, I got those, and it's, but it's never anywhere that the IRS will be operating. It's like some remote part of Texas wherever you go. Look it up on a map that there's no federal agency for miles the the area that it says it's from his occupied by twelve cows and a rancher. Yeah. None of them want you to be arrested by your local sheriff. Well, I kept getting calls from this guy from New York who said that, you know, anytime Mr. Elliot we're going to turn this over to the to the Jefferson County sheriff's department you will be arrested by tomorrow morning at seven o'clock. And I said, well, you know, I have some coffee ready. I mean. Anybody with half a mind knows that the sheriff's office doesn't have arrest by appointment. It's not like, you know, I need I need. Joe Elliott, arrested at six fifty five killers that slot open. Just seems a little I mean that doesn't that's not how that works. If you commit a crime, they go get you. There's not a reservation system and nine times out of ten with these calls. You haven't committed a crime and half the time. They do it before you've even filed your tax returns to even know if you have committed a crime, but you know, it's it's all changing so much. Does anybody have a landline anymore? Will you don't have one right now? I haven't had a landline for going on ten years. Yeah. Same same Lee, Billy. I know you don't have a land. Now. I don't. But I remember my parents having one and I'm glad you brought it up. I was gonna ask is that is that still a thing? Yeah. I mean, it's they are there are some of the phone companies want to get rid of them in the legislatures generally will not let them because you know, there are people in some rural areas and things who really depend on their landlines in this state. It's I'd say it's mainly in eastern Kentucky where there's just it's not that there aren't cell towers there. It's just that the cell towers, don't work. So well, when you know, they just have terrible getting into the valley. And things. So it's easier to have a landline there for no other reason than just for the ability to call nine one one. It's interesting though, I like if I needed to talk to will. I'd call the Clark house. I'd call voted talk to Billy at Colorado college house now, I don't do that. I just call Billy. Or will? You know? It's like when I don't understand why someone still takes the time to Chuck a phone book on my driveway. What's agree with that? Yeah. What what are we what are we doing here? It's ten past six at NewsRadio. Eight forty W.

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