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Some experts say they have never seen anything like this coming from the CDC. Charles Feldman K next 10 70 news radio. Data shows more than 32,000 restaurants in L. A county closed at one time or another because of the pandemic, some for good. We have the details after traffic. It's 6 35 traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the fives. Here's today's Fondo. Let's take a look at this sigalert bright This is going to be in Agoura Hills. This is our 10. Westbound, right? Chesbro shear off ramp that has blocked somebody had a crash and somebody damage those sand. Barroso's attenuate er's is what we call your all friends going to block. Thank you for the tip calls. It's a little inconvenient for you Make your way to Canaan and then you're good to go. You know, I just noticed the pinch is slowing on the main line. Other thatyou're OK. The Venter is going to be a little slow off that four or five Westbound Balboa and your eastbound sides could be slow through a Sherman oaks over towards that 1 30 for really the big issue. Here is the 10 downtown, The 1 10. We'll start with the 10. This is westbound. It's central to write taken away with an injury crash. That's actually on that central off ramp. So that's delaying your drive here. Still working this crash? This is going to be the 10 transition to the South won 10 We're working a crash. I know we had something a little further ahead of Exposition Boulevard. So you've got a tough go right there and sticking with this 1 10 are 1 10 north to the 105 East. That is where the car fire is. I see some slowing that transistor vote is going to be shut down by the fire department to make sure they can take care of that once you are on that 105 when you do make it on that one. If I drive actually looks pretty good. Just a little slow from that 7 10 overto Lakewood Boulevard. Our next reports on the way at 6 45 am Brian Douglas. More traffic reports more often K next 10 70 news radio. So for tonight, we've got the lows getting down into the sixties with Southwest winds around 15 miles an hour. Amaro study skies literally.

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