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She didn't do anything you know what i mean. So it's like i'm. She's not protecting her dad anymore. she's not and i think even she mentioned gerald's firm covering up with what had happened with them and she's like that's just you know we're still sweeping this under the rug. No this is what happened. She spent so long in this mental prison that you know admittedly she put herself in. But you understand why she did that and you know she thought it would protect herself when in reality we see at the end. How much more free she is. Once she's able to share her story. And i love that character progression for her. Because it's slow and painful and you see all of it. Oh no she earns every ounce it for sure. And so. I feel like that's why that's such a the moment in the courthouse when she was like. You know your your smaller. I thought you were bigger. Because she's the one that's bigger so it's like you know i'm not. I'm not scared. She's not going to be passive. She's not sitting on the swing anymore. You know she's she's done. She's moving forward. Yeah another little thing. That i caught onto was the backbone and obviously king has a book called bagga bonds. I don't know if that's what the intention was. Or if this guy literally was just like so strange and creepy that he actually did carry a bag of bones around with him which given all of like the newspaper clippings and stuff that she found with him being like a grave robber and doing all sorts of other things would dead bodies that no one needs to know about it. I was like oh oh. She means a literal vagabonds. Okay okay but rene anything else that you wanted to sort of pick out here and dive into you know like we said. It's one of those stories of kings. Where a lot happens so much of it is like an internal struggle for the character. So it's like you know. It is a little slow but the payoff in the end is just worthwhile and like we said the flashbacks. Keep that pace moving forward. Yeah no it's the ending is is absolutely worth it because you you're going through this. You know worst suffering with her. So it's like i just i guess. Wanna shout out the performances. Because especially carla gino. How i can't imagine how difficult that must have been. And then the fact that her really and bruce greenwood or playing dual roles you know so it's like and then henry. Thomas very excited every time i see him in anything and he was just made my skin crawl in this so i mean just superb. Yeah and you know that has to be a role that was not easy for him as a father you know. He has three kids. I think and you know. I don't know how old his kids are. But you know he's i think he's almost fifty so you know they might be in their twenties. They might be teenagers. Who knows and you know that moment where he's like well. I didn't touch you. And i was just like that. Just not really make it any better. You're just like well. I wasn't that bad. I could have been worse. No no no no no. That's not that's not how you should phrase that. Yeah no that was an even hers saying what he did in the room was worse like it is. I mean you can see. This is a child how he's leading her. And i mean mom probably wouldn't blame. I mean nippy relation. Yeah seen it was so good and so hard to watch at the same time. You're like look henry. Thomas your great we love you. Don't ever do this again. Only and again flanagan has us right in their faces in that scene. So i mean it's just. He's your linda's exactly. Yeah it's wild. This is by far one of those adaptations that just kind of makes your skin crawl without having like a ton of gore you really have like two gore effects. Really you have the hand and you have the dog you know like ripping meet up and eating it and that that's kinda hit and it's not even like a lot of people are dying. It's not like a zombie flake or a slasher flick. It's just like so psychological. But you're just like okay. We need a break you know. Just gotta sit here with my thoughts. Definitely so rene. If there isn't anything else. I like to talk about ratings know. Obviously we both really enjoyed this. I gave this a four out of five. I think you know just the courtroom scene was kind of that one thing for me whereas like we didn't really need this because it almost felt like they brought her in just so people would hear him talk and you know because they they had mentioned that he wasn't talking or something like that and then he sees her and all of a sudden he talks and i don't even think i understood what he said but you know he's like mocking her what she told him in that. Because i feel like we're in this weird unreality with jesse for a lot of it and you know gerald's dead own away. He's standing and talking to me and i'm free. Oh no wait. I'm still on the bed. And so you're almost like was this real. And i feel like that moment is like no this was an actual monster that you know. She gave her wedding ring to. But yeah and i don't think they ever founded. Did they know so. Then you're like. I don't wanna know what he did with that not at all. So what is your rating for this. I mean i'm sure this isn't a big surprise. I would vote for mike flanagan for president. If i could on my letterbox. I definitely gave it a five out of five. Because the the book. I just loved the book so much and i was very like you know. How can you even make this a movie. But it completely blew me away. Yeah absolutely and i am in on midnight mass. You know i'm in on whatever. Mike flanagan does. But rene you will be back for the doctor.

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