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The pierre dg gallons of water amish the komo gear watch yard must see i heard reunions he festival next thursday and friday night sitting on continually by they were so many women who knew what was going on the women who were the honeypots for harvey weinstein to know that it went to the king of hollywood with harvey weinstein and now the queen of hollywood one could argued meryl streep the women should not gonna pass on this the women in hollywood who knew what was going on and well i'm successful so it's for everyone out gary and sheremets kfi am 640 more stimulating to honor the in the game by am 640 it is a conway shell out every single morning on channel five the whole crew is on and i enjoy it i i i watch it every morning mark frisky level lord craziness that goes on their richard mirror is the tech guy and he's been on doing it for about eight years who sell we were talking a little bit of bitcoin beef oriented take a break and enrich ah welcome back to the program ancram north tonight hey eyes so you're gonna be doing a giveaway tomorrow before we get back to this bitcoin what you give away nineteen hundred dollars were the stuff tomorrow or promoting so i mean it's it's everything you need for your connected home i'm talking and now thermostat a ring video doorbell uh google chrome car google home speakers of pixel smartphone pixel to smartphone rather uh i mean so many things 9000 dollars and 44 worth of stuff um and all you gotta whose watch i give out like a little code word on the tv uh you know when i do my tech segment around five fifteen a m and seven fifty a m and that's it computer picks like one winner random we get like you know we got uh for the last thing we gave away twenty seven thousand entries unique people that text in which i know sounds like a lot but guess what someone win every single time.

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