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From the bahamas on what hurricane dorian has already done to those islands with the death toll there rising significantly tonight to a new total of thirty victims and we have the latest tracking tonight about what hurricane dorian might do next as it approaches the carolinas we have our live live report in a moment from wilmington north carolina which is bracing for a possible direct hit from hurricane dorian. The mayor of wilmington will join us and we'll also get the latest from the bahamas homicide on a situation that is turning more tragic by the hour we begin with what you need to know right now about what hurricane dorian might do next and for for that we turn to meteorologist bill cairns built. What is the latest right now. We're waiting to see if we're going to get landfall overnight lawrence. That's the big dramatic thing will the highest. I wins the one hundred mph winds. Will they move on shore or stay offshore. That'll be the big determination of how much damage we have in eastern north carolina when we all wake up tomorrow morning so during the day day today the storm brushed by areas of south carolina and i brushed it left. It's mark almost three hundred thousand people without power but it didn't do a lot of significant damage with the storm surge that was one thing we were concerned about the charleston area and even savannah for that matter and that was okay and we have we can did a little bit. We're now. We're down to one hundred mile per hour. Maximum sustained winds gust could still get up there about one hundred in twenty if you're in the worst of the storm and that's the question who's going to be in the worst of the storm as we go throughout the next four hours. We're gonna parallel. The coastline that northern is very close closed areas around wilmington rights bill beach go through oslo county the camp lejeune marine base there north topsil beach and then we could possibly get that landfall here carter at county near atlantic beach morehead city the beaufort area where the cedar island ferry takes you out here towards ocracoke. That's where we're going to be watching the possibility of the highest wind and so far they mentioned it. It hasn't been that dramatic with the winds even willing to you're not that far from the center but you're wizar- only gusting fifty-five were forty-three.

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