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Welcome to the KBC financial our I'm your host Kevin Chris with my co host Karen Crist take care before we get started in this week's topics tell the brand new listeners a little bit about us sure well I am Karen Crist he is Kevin Crist and we are the co founders of KPCC financial solutions were an independent financial services firm and we help people create retirement strategies and Kevin we do that using a variety of investment and insurance products in order to custom suit people's needs and objectives you know and Kevin it's not just us we have got a team of professionals that assistance with all kinds of different aspects of retirement planning but we start with you the client as our boss and we offer the customized no obligation retirement blueprint so last weekend we talked about the three worlds of money we talked about you know the banking world we talked about the insurance world we talk about you know mark the market world or the Wall Street world and this week we're going to be talking about taxes in retirement so these different kind of investments have different taxes there's you know how you withdraw from higher rates in those sort of things and you know last year Karen we talked a lot about Roth conversions and IRA's and four oh one K.'s and how to draw down from that so we're really going to dive down into that but it all really starts with our clients anyway with the retirement blueprint and that is a full financial analysis because how can you know how to take your distributions.

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