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That are are the people pretty much of the story rag go around and i basically be motel manager and and there were even moments where sometimes you know we'd get ready to shoot us sane in the office and we'd have to tell the real staff to leave and we'd cadillac deville place and then we'd shoot and sometimes people would want to check in when we were there and we'd have to say we were small crowe's a retail please please wait a couple of his discussions this shot relay so there were elements of guerrilla filmmaking but there was a strong script and sean he's the director but he's also the editor so he gets like three chances to shape this thing yeah why notice that right off that that he edited the film and yeah i mean that's all you want as a as an autorised to uh that's where i like because you're you're talking to the person to talk in of source and you may affect that you may change it but you know there's so many moving pieces making a film that it's nice to go to the source yeah or in your research you learn something in that thing that you learn you know makes you change your mind about something and that's what gives you the energy to do in the pretending and and routes the pretending because then then you have a stake because it's no it's like falling in love you know you see something you become dedicated to everything drug drops away you know this you want to you want to go deeper into it you want to vet that's where you live that's what you you would die for that king that's that's what the processes offered for me and and you know years sitting around between tanks and people are coming in the hanging out that live at the motown i get to know some of these people so it was really nice that.

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