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I've got this little business going and probably twenty twenty six years old and tom's salty old sailor and he's an old designers at a company for thirty forty years done well and he goes michael. You know how i know. You're going to be successful i go. How's that town. He goes 'cause you goddamn stupid to know that you shouldn't be doing what you're doing. That's it right. You have to be kind of an idiot. John have to be sort of a narcissist. You have to believe that That you can actually Make a dent in this industry. That is being run by these multinationals. That's the courage and the naievety that it takes but that's the same thing that becomes your big blind spot when it's time to go. Hey maybe i need a little help here and so the i think that you know there's a reason why most the most successful businesses are started by people in their fifties One of the reasons is humility. They've they've been around the block enough time to go. Hold on a second you know. Intelligence is painful and leaves bruises a dense. Wisdom is much easier. I need to go find someone that has done this before. Who can make it. You know less painful. And i think that's what happens. But so there's this balance that happens in really good executive teams and Most of us don't have it because we surround ourselves with people that are reflections of our own goodness whether we understand it or not in you mentioned marshall goldsmith a bit ago for people who don't know who he is mike who who is marshall goldsmith so marshall. Yes marshall goldsmith is a friend. He's a he has been called the number one executive coach in world he is a Somewhat of a maverick in the coaching world. He was the person that that was a pioneer in three sixty evaluation. He also pioneered the idea of. Hey it costs a million dollars. Hire me as a coach and If i don't do what..

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