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Joining US tonight. We really appreciate it. Must Thank you Lawrence. We're going back to Allie. Vel She on. The streets have been Now can you hear us? And can you tell us what you're seeing? Yes where about a block away now from a building that is fully involved in a fire as you can see with problem. We had last night with fires. It's difficult for the fire. Department getting came in under police escort and they were Justice we're throwing things at them so we've got an issue here and then the fires a block away. You see some police barriers being what the crowd is now moving toward the fire. I see how twenty seven straight now avenue. There are more people coming down this way so we have a fully engulfed fire in a area which doesn't have any space between the buildings. This is what happened last night. Yeah the autozone catch fire. He had a building next week. Catch fire you got another building beyond mass catch fire and that we've got Several buildings between where I am in a block away and that is a fully fully involved. Fire that entire building you could see the smoke and you can see those flames is burning but I will tell you again lawrence. There are five. Police officers on the top of that precinct may seem to have gotten back onto the roof and there's no other police presence here. There is a police in beers to be a police. Escort of the firefighters over there. This is potentially other flashpoints so a lot of tension around here a lot of protesters who've been protesting peacefully all day and have their signs have stayed a little bit further back there. Still some tear gas canister. We're seeing some more flashbacks from the beliefs with this crowd behind me. But they're still pushing toward the police station and tried to protest there. There's another crowd there. That's going toward that. We do know what. Do Not know what started this particular fire but it is raging now and there is danger to the buildings around it so south. Minneapolis Right. Now is still a very very tense place in All Directions? Lawrence Ellie. Stay SAFE AND WE'RE GONNA come back to you as the situation develops. We're joined now by Gilani. Cobb is a staff writer for the New Yorker. He's professor of Journalism at Columbia University in MSNBC political analyst And Jilani you wrote a beautifully.

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