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The State Department of Health and Attorney General Latisha. James are looking into nursing. Hold compliance during the outbreak at the same time. State and federal officials are also calling for investigations of their own with a persistent question. Why did this happen? And what was the role of state policy in this tragedy? But grew of regulators and investigators, according to the governor's orders could put homes at risk of having their operating certificate suspended or revoked. This environment, cold operators bus take a proactive approach. Assuming that you're doing the best you can the best. The gators will see that isn't enough. Today on the podcast. We're joined by Terry Flynn. A former US attorney now here, speech partner with our government compliance destinations, group and you're. Also a member of that GCI team as well as our healthcare industry team ended attorney with several long-term Care Clients Jerry Miracle. Discuss preparing your organization against liability and compliance risk. Critical actions to take during the nation in post incident measures Eric Jerry. Thanks so much for joining us today. It's very difficult to say exactly. How this will all play out of course, but it's pretty clear that long term care facilities need to be ready before we talk about how they should respond during Investigative Phase I wanna just talk more generally. Eric what are some of the ways that long term care facilities in similar organizations can address liability and compliance risk on a daily basis. Everyone's a great question. And before before the the risks and the liability issues can be addressed I they have to be a dentist side. So when we reference long term care facilities, there's obviously a whole spectrum of facility type of licensure categories and depending on the specific type of facility, the risks and liabilities that that they're dealing with may vary, but at a very high level at a macro level each facility. Each provider type will want to. Together a specific plan to assess their individual needs the needs of their staff, the needs of their their louise resident in as part of that identification that they work their way through identifying the potential risks than issues. There's also a an assessment piece to that so if you pull together a plan, and that's a large part of what we do is working with individual facilities to identify potential risks and issues full together plan, and then engage in risk assessment as to how, but defied issues are going to be addressed. You know one of the primary challenges, and there's environment is dealing with identified issues that disabilities have limited time limited resources to address and also the situation where which I assumed it Terry may address later on where you have individual directives, objectives or requirement that maybe conflicting. When we say hunting you best address these I get a plan together I identify them rank them, and then engage council or consultants advisors to work through a risk assessment as to which issues will.

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