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So often ray Ferraro, you know, you enjoy the moments, especially when celebrated players come back into a city, maybe they started their career and played for a long time. Want to Stanley Cup whatever. So Johnny goudreau back in Calgary to take on the flames. A game that you guys did on ESPN. And I don't know if I'm surprised by the showering of booze or not. I'm of the opinion, you buy a ticket. I don't like when guys throw their sweaters on the ice. I think that's disrespectful to any team any player any organization. But if you want to have some fun, entertain yourself and boo Johnny goudreau every time he touches the puck in Calgary. Fill your boots. I got no problem with that. And I think you correct me if I'm wrong 'cause you were there. He Alan pretty well, both pregame and postgame. He had an incredible night, I'm sure it was really weird and odd and he put a video to get the video that they put for the returning players. As soon as they put his face up on the board, the building started to boo, then they cheered really loudly through the video. And then Johnny stood up and waved, and he was, I mean, he was three feet from me. He had really emotion in his face. And then the video ended, they cheered him through all that. They cheered him when he waved and thanked the fans. And then it stopped and they returned immediately to booing him. In the same breath. So I love it. I thought their commitment to the booing was really what's really notable. I mean, man, that went to overtime and they were booing them still in overtime. So he had two beautiful assists terrific passes. He hit a goalpost. He missed the penalty shot. He hit Dan vladar in the head twice with a slapper. He honestly could have had four goals last night. And then Calgary one in overtime. So I think the people went home, feeling like that was a great night. And I hope good girl did too, because he was terrific. He was all over the game. It's for the people throwing their jerseys on the ice. I don't even mind that. And this is why. If you spend $300 on a Jersey and you're dumb enough or angry enough to throw it onto the ice, it's just like walking out in the street. And throwing 300 bucks into the middle of the street. If you want to do that, knock yourself up. I really don't care. Is it disrespectful to the team you're supposed to be a fan of? Sure, but again, that guy, just think that guy or girl, she's paid a couple hundred bucks to get into building to throw a $300 sweater. Yeah. On the ice. So if the 500 bucks doesn't matter to you, toss it. No. You'll realize it later. So 500. I think you should have, I think you should have decoys right, right? So don't throw the $300 one. Have like a T-shirt or something on underneath. It's like the hat trick cap, right? Like I didn't pay $55 for a team logo hat to throw on the ice in a moment of euphoria because one of my favorite players just got the hat trick. How about like a crappy one, stashed in a pocket or something? Well, and then lob that into the into the fray. Well, that take the planning of that, Drake. I mean, come on. So I get a hat trick in Atlanta and they brought, they collected all the hats and so they bring this big collection in a gigantic garbage bag. I don't know. There had to be a hundred hats in there or something. I don't know something like that. So I was looking through them. Some of them you wouldn't have put on tiny. They were just so greasy and pretty. Oh yeah, and those ones that you. Want to touch the brim on this one. I was wondering what they did with the hats. I just assumed that they went to charity, right? Like the clean ones and the ugly ones just went into the garbage, but you got the bag? Well, they gave it to me. I didn't take it with me. What am I going to take a hundred hats home? Hey kids, pick up a house. Not this one here. It's a little greasy, yeah. This one's okay. You should have taken it to like a doctor's office and see if there's any infestations and things. Oh, I loved it. What a way to start episode 35. All right, headlines. Again, presented this season by our good friends at Boston pizza. And, oh, there's a number of ways we could attack the goings on in Vancouver. I don't know, correct me if I'm wrong. For reasons that I don't entirely understand. And I feel like I was pretty invested in the telling of the foibles of the Vancouver Canucks over the last several months here. But I don't entirely understand why the Canucks waited until Sunday morning to fire Bruce boudreaux, but the hockey world clearly was in tune focused very passionate, certainly the fan base in Vancouver. Maybe even fixated rate on this for weeks. So in season changes seldom go well, right? Now, the club may improve. I mean, you may get a bump as the Vancouver Canucks got. They called it the boudreau bump when he replaced Travis Greene. Bruce popularity with the fans in the media complicated this situation. Maybe in toll with the fact that, look, Canucks management ownership had their reasons, whatever they are, and Rutherford and Patrick golvin tried to articulate some probably not all. But they had their reasons for waiting as long as they did, and then you throw in the popularity of boudreau, homeless globally, right? Because he's that guy, he's viewed as a nice guy. And this turned into a bit of a cesspool in all fairness. And a troubling one across the board. So I don't know, you feel, but you have a unique perspective on this. And I'm sure you're as happy as anyone associated with the organization or even as a fan, okay? It's over. Now let's do whatever we can to move forward. Well, I mean, I'm sure most people listening or almost all people listening know that my wife works in a management group. So my perspective is probably a little more closely tied. And respectful of her position. I will say this though, there's a couple of things that I don't think people understand. Number one is most of us, well, I can't think of anybody that doesn't think that when they knew that it was going in this direction, it should have been moved quicker. Like it just should have been moved quicker. If they had decided that they were going to go down this road and the story got out in the volume that it did. Even if you didn't want to, you probably had to. But we don't know the reasons. And won't know the reasons why that occurred. So that's the first part. The second part is, it was also reported that actually Jim Rutherford and Patrick Alvin said they had been talking to people over the last month or so. They first reached out. I think that timeline was a month ago or so to Rick talking. If people don't think this happens, they're completely naive. When you're thinking of making a coaching change, you don't just sit there, make the changes this morning and go, now we're going to start to look. You might end up at that point that yeah, we're going to make a change. There's nobody out there that we're really interested in at this point, so we will put an interim coach

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