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Stuff predates that a little bit. Not that. I didn't like it though. There's just rock and roll was a little different in the fifties and the sixty s so it did make the songs but i mean i'm not gonna sit here and say that i'd probably go out of my way to to go and get these songs on although i do have recordings of them now. I like the songs though. It was just kind of a different styled and what i'm normally used to doing. But then he went into another tana style. Which was sort of like crosby stills nash kinda style with leather leatherwood and then milk would maybe a little bit of. Did you research Yeah well like. I said you know. He was living in the ohio area early in his life and he actually met rick Rick was also in that area. Rick is originally from the baltimore area but when he was Early high school years His family moved to the cleveland area. Right in cleveland but that area so he also became a musician. Obviously so his bands and benz bans. Were sort of playing the same circuits in the same clubs. So that's how they eventually mac and then they decided to have a band together and they toiled around. The cleveland area michigan I tell you this was. They won an overnight success. I tell you they really. They were on the road and were you know quote unquote starving musicians for a long time. They went to new york for a while to try to get a record deal. That didn't work. Came back to cleveland again. So they were together for almost a decade before finally decided okay. It's just not working in this area. I wanna go to boston. It's a college town you know here. It's a really hip scene. There's you know because it's a college town. There's always a place to play as far as college parties and clubs and the club scene was really big in boston at the time so rick decided to go to boston and then didn't go with him at first This is you know the early seventies now and ben had lost his dad so he decided he wanted to go to boston. You wanted to stay back. In cleveland and be with his mom and kind of help her get back on her feet and make sure she was okay but then after about six months or so. 'cause we're getting a hold of ben saying you gotta come to boston. You gotta come eventually when benn felt comfortable enough to you. Know leaves The area in cleveland. The felt like his mom was doing okay. He actually went to boston and they started a ban there. And that's where it comes in they You know the early seventies at the time that whole acoustic folk king you know. Still the nash. Kinda thing was big for a few years in that that you know it was always. There's always an audience for it but it was really big for years and early seventies. They actually started out as they do all in a houston dual and we're just playing bars and clubs and they did that for a while and they actually got a record deal and the milk would album came out But it didn't do very well so they kind of scrapped. Asshole idea was called. How's the how's the weather site. They're really they're really hard to find now. To a matter of fact I'm don't own a copy. But i've seen it before on ebay and the things they get like hundreds of dollars for that album now cars if you're a big cars the cars collector and you really want that thing you got to pay a few hundred bucks for it now. Leaders will love that. If they haven't heard right. Yeah if you have. A copy of nuke would There's a car fan out. There that will pay big bucks for it. I haven't i haven't taken the plunge on that one yet. I would like to have a copy of it. You know to have it. But i haven't gotten that far yet So anyway when milk would didn't really go anywhere Rick being the leader of the ban and the main songwriter decided to scrap that idea and he wanted to turn to more of a traditional rock. Sound i guess he was really into velvet underground as you know the whole thing That was his kind of deal back. Then so he stroked all down. Tried to be a rock band again. And that's when they brought in the other guys in the band and before they became the cars they were a band called. Captain sling stone. Asked me where that name comes from. Or how they got Rock band format was a rock band format but not quite Not quaint sounding like the cars. It was kind of it as more a smoother almost jazzy. You're kind of sounding like steely dan. Kind of sounds interesting so kind of inbetween acoustic sound and a hard rock sound. And they were capita swing for a while. And that's when they started to get noticed a little bit. It's elliot houston joint iraq. And and then they brought in greg hawkes as well And that's when they actually started to get a little airplay so now we're talking about nineteen seventy five and seventy six and back. In those days. Radio deejays had a little more freedom a lot more freedom than they do now now a dj has to look at a piece of paper and follow a format. And this is what. You're gonna play back then. Dj's were allowed to play things that they liked her new things that they thought the audience would like and there was a now famous dj in boston. Her name is maxine sartori and she's pretty well known She was known for helping. Aerosmith get started because obviously of course they were in the boston area. She helped billy squire in his early days and she went to a club one night and heard cap'n swing so they weren't even the cars yet and she really liked their songs and she met the guys in the van and she took a demo that they had made in local studio and she actually started putting it on the air. Wbz which of course you know. Iraq san and you're into radio you know a lot of people know you'd be c. n. I mean one of the most prolific rock stations ever in this country He started playing it on the air and people started liking it. And that's how they kind of got some momentum going and then of course they of course -lica- rick has been known to be kinda. He was kind of accused of being a dictator at times Not that that's really a bad thing not charge on. It's called being the main songwriter. So he decided the captain's swing thing was going okay but he wanted to strip it down even more and have a more of a basic rock sound. 'cause i had mentioned cap'n swing had a little jazzy or kind of horrible name. Captain swing and my idea. I said don't ask me where he got that name from. Because i don't know here's another one before cat and swing. They were called. Richard and the rabbits yes sounding name. I'm glad they talk back. Name of even gone in the mid sixties. Richard and the rabbits exactly so anyway. He decided to strip it down even more so thinking about that velvet underground kind of sound and also. Now we're talking around seventy seven seventy and this is also when you know. I hate to label music or labels genres. But it's when that more new wave is kind of sound coming in like blondie and talking heads and that's sound was starting to to you. Know be over the record charts so we stripped it down again and he went into his basement and he scrapped all the songs all the songs except for one or two that captain swing had been playing because they were doing. Original music with captain swing. They throw a covering here there but it was still original music they were doing scrapped all those songs and that's when he will all of the songs that appeared on that connick debut ours album swings song survive. Bye bye love oh nice. I think there's one more tune it's escaping me at the moment. The bye by laws is the one that stands out. I've heard some demos. There's floating around in the sand we call the cars fans The santa rama we hope and There some cap'n swing demos floating around. And i've heard those demos and by by rav is the one that stands out to me. It was a jazz. Steely dan kind of version of it. By the way. I.

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