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He's not even twenty five years old but I feel like for most a my adulthood life. I've been watching Zion just dunk on people on the Internet. He is the fee nom in the Basketball World Zion Williamson. He is everything that everybody was saying about. Lebron James Coming out of high school incoming yeah coming into the NBA. But before the social media era he is the Modern Day Lebron James So Anytime Zion in the Bron- on the same court the world's GonNa stop for a little bit now. Granted the world that we're in right now obviously has a pandemic happening where there's a state of emergency in every single place. It's not being talked about enough up talked about a lot. I'm trying to stay ignorant assaulting because I think it's a very scary Sich but Dean Koontz wrote a book in Nineteen eighty-one. That's Ray. I predicted this entire word for word but anyways so to distract us from what's really happening we watch these sports. That's what sports is by the way a distraction. That's what this show is supposed to be a mental vacation. It's not supposed to be anything. That's real deep thought. But when Zay on in the Bron- hop on court together and play against each other. I am tuning in the present greatness of basketball. The present face of basketball. The current state of basketball all runs through Lebron James. When I watched dwayne Wade documentary Was a thirty for thirty. I think on Sunday night. Maybe a Dwayne Wade out. Yeah it was on the other night and Dwayne. Wade's reaction to the decision and coming to the heat and his family's reaction was like. Hey we did it like hey okay. We're going to eat now. Like he was friends with him. Yes watching the how the other players treat Lebron respond to the Braun. Lebron basically being like the leader of the entire league. Not just of the Lakers. That is what is going to be in like ten years from now right so in. Lebron is done whenever dizzy? Seventeen years in he still Yak on folks. Last night that dunk from Charlie. Caruso through the legs Dunk Charlie Caruso that dunk on old buddy causa was Alex. Yeah Mr Caruso Charlie Caruso WWE ESPN MR Caruso la late that passer legged Lebron with the air was nasty in year seventeen. He's still going up. It is still Lebron James leak gay. I WANNA be a person that goes on. Reckon goes this is ions leak. It's going to be Zions Ligo Very Soon Zion set in the next two to three years. He's going to get it right and I think Zion's underselling himself. I think he's already starting to get it all the people that thought Zion was not going to be able to play in the NBA are already proven wrong. Mardi proven wrong twenty straight points for nine Games under the age of twenty ties Carmelo Anthony for an NBA record. Zion Williamson is becoming this player that we didn't think you'd become he's becoming this ground and pound. Underneath Guy. That's willing to go to work in the pain if he has to. He reminds me. Who's that guy from Pittsburgh? Bad knees want Blair to want a sales no no ACL. He reminds me of Dewan. Blair used to play back in the day kind of a thick body low center gravity but had a good read on where the ball's going got that he's got a step back and whenever Zeller throws it. I mean it is. Everybody stops what they're doing and cameras. Come out as if it's a super bowl kickoff so when zone in the Bron- play each other. You know that Lebron knows all these things Lebron. Here's all these things. Jay Williams told a story when Kobe Bryant passed away. He said that when he met Kobe Or a story that he remembers about. Kobe is their first time playing in La. They're playing the Lakers. And he said he wanted to get over the arena about three o'clock to do a shoot around and when he got to do his shoot around. He's a rookie. Kobe was on the other side on the other side of the court. J was doing shoot around whatever it was in. Kobe won through bike. The hardest workout. He's ever seen a human go through like he was he was doing all these things. He going like a practice all by himself. Basically while Jay Williams to stay on the other side of the court just put up like free throws this whole thing happened so j. asked after the game he said. I is that normal. Is that what you do? In Kobe's I saw you over. He said I wanNa let you know. Basically that this is how this goes like this is. This is how I saw the young guy come in in. Kobe won Ham. Lebron did that last. Oh Yeah Zion came into his house. Everybody's heard the talk about Zion being the next Lebron everybody's heard this conversation. That Zairean is potentially the pop culture. Icon THAT LEBRON IS IN ZION. Can go on to be the next. Lebron and be the face of this league relatively soon because of how nice is how how hard working is how much teammates like him and now he is in. Lebron went to work. I thought there's a chance of Brown's GonNa Score one hundred points last name he was. I liked this new Lebron by the way New Lebron is now they have so much more length than the. Pelicans might Pelicans. And they took advantage of that. But even if you go back to the Celtics game just a couple of days ago the Braun is back in people down. He's changes game a bit here in seventeen becoming much more. I don't WANNA say unpredictable. But I think he's utilizing a lot of the bigness that he has gone a lot of other people have that a lot of people have always wondered about the. Ron can take to the rack anytime he wants. Sometimes he decides to do a pull up people go after. We'll the bronze six foot eight. He wanted Iraqi wants to do. Pull up you should do that. Lebron has become one of the most well rounded players in the NBA hitting fadeaway threes whenever he wants banging into paint step backs everything like that. And that's why Lebron's abroad getting better year after year in watching Zay on kind of develop in super-confident confident NBA Guy who doesn't view. People is like idols anymore. Just views them as peers and competition like I love. I love everything that happened. Last night ultimately the Lakers get to win. Zion puts up twenty-nine Brandon Ingram only twenty. Two years old puts up thirty four. The bron- puts up forty. The Lakers get a win. Dwight Howard playing really good basketball for the Lakers. Finally Caruso good that young squad of the Pelicans I mean it was a win. Win that trade as an Ingram. Yeah from the Lakers. To the PELICANS zone found a jumper in New Orleans. They've got a young team. The Lakers are good team. And I'm very happy with the state of the NBA. Especially because I'm Zion divert. Lebron Lebron is but I think the way that Lebron played last night said more about Zion because I think he knows how goods I on is and how much he already respects. I on that he no. He knew what he had to do with his game last night. And then Zion in that. Pelicans offense where they just run and run and run and Alvin gentry. Says we can't run on some sessions. We have to run on. Every single possession is great because it spreads floor Zion so he could use his athleticism and then he is getting really good at using his leverage and putting a shoulder into someone who's taller to create space because then he has athletic billy and his second jump like when he misses a shot and he knows where it's going because obviously he knows his second jump is quicker than anyone so he could get back up. I the thing that Zaidi's is approved on. I think is a little bit of his handles so that he could get black guys easier. It doesn't need to do everything in the paint And then he did hit one. He's only hit one three since That opening night where three in a row. But it'd been that'll come the kid. He's nineteen years old is. GonNa be incredible. The Brooklyn shoot downhill either. Not Not by couldn't shoot easy rider shooter than you were. I correct just wasn't but in. Nba standards him knocking down shots. Lebron can't shoot Koby that was always becomes a call. We can do this. Kobe can do this in. Kobe was just say score. Through and through Prom Ron is a facilitator and now he's changing his offense. I mean he's just Bronze Guy and I think Zion's GonNa be right behind him. I'm excited because the act right now in the West is Memphis or New Orleans most likely in respect to jaw and that very young team. That's going to be very good in the future but I the what we saw last night is the first round matchup that everyone is dreaming about in the NBA. Lebron first round in the West. Let's go I Love Zion. Man I don't know if I should or not I didn't because I hate duke and I also hate front runners and stuff like that but there's no way you could hate on right now. I have completely flipped one. Eighty did not understand when he chose to go to duke right as a guy who was a fan zone on the Internet might go to Duke like Brett you're going to the NBA in one year. Like go to Miami or like Los Angeles or like you know do OJ Mayo. Daily can learn from coach k. Whose well that was. The thought is east. He got beat last night again by an inferior team. Well he's a real team guy. Like I think that is something that is not said enough about Zion and the Bron- like Lebron ethic was the first real big noted basketball name that was one hundred percent. Okay being a facilitator like Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson was the freak who's also facilitated not just like a a like. That is the thing that I love about Lebron. And that was the same thing that he gets bashed for like. Oh He's passing the ball too much he doesn't want the ball in his hands is like well. I think he views himself a little bit like a point guard. Magic Johnson he doc great passes good vision. Zion exact thing does the duke buys into their system. Just like I said about the Pelicans the first Games I on debuted is like. Hey gentry I thought should have still die on the. Hey you can do no wrong tonight. This team runs through. I thought Duke should have done that instead. College basketball's over different but the NBA. Future is in good hands especially with me being a die hard pellets. Eight efforts going to fly. That Burns GonNa soar right to the top of his damn thing. So sorry to interrupt. I just want to let you know that right now. You're probably thinking yourself. I'm thankful I chose listen to the show today. And if you think of that launch good until you friends and if you're thinking man why am I listening.

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