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He should come up for those of you. Who are you go. there's arizo now. Those of you might have watched sorrow as a kid or seen. The fell a matching zero. He's got his capon. He's got his mask. A crusader against injustice. Imagine zoro in fight. The winner will be the one who can overpower the author now zara. He's got his opponent on the floor. He's about to sticky sawed into him to finish him off and the defeated man shouts half mercy. I'm because those are really good guy. He relents and the bad guy survives and sometimes we tend to think miss in those terms the winner re looked at gives the loser a second chance but the word the issues in verse seven in the back chewed is way bigger. I'm more useful than that. Better greek for you. This morning the word used is la la heo alejo on issues and it means to fail sympathy with the misery of nova which leads to action on behalf of another outside the with with Say again to fail sympathy with the misery of a nova which leads to action on behalf of another. Uh it's a lot bigger than feeling sorry for someone is entered into the pain of that person and doing something to help alleviates. It most frequently inaction less frequently and word failing deep down inside space you into action on behalf of another now. I don't know about you. But i find this. A real challenge is relatively easy. Isn't it to feel sorry for people to sympathize with them but la route assad l. a. takes it to another level is act sane in order to help relieve misery. Now that's a completely different ball. Game isn't it. It can be messy. It can be time consuming. It can be inconvenient. It costs us. Trista set the or the week they beatitudes or away. Cool arena in or out in detail. To what jesus says is the way to be salt and light so this b- attitude shows how being sultan light how the kingdom of god demonstrates itself in dealing with all those so whereas where else is this word. alejo been used in scripture. A most after it is used. When jesus he'll someone that we've got another slide amelia so in matthew nine twenty seven jesus heals two blind men they cry out to cheese half miss mason of dave it. What does jesus do does he say. Oh you paul thank you. Blind people style proof you know. He is filled with compassion and hails. The he does something to alleviate their suffering again a matthew fifteen twenty two when the canaanite woman whose daughter was demon possessed. She shouts have mercy on mayo lord. Same word a. o. Again matthew twenty seventeen verse fifteen. Jesus heals a boy that nowadays we would say has epilepsy. lord have mercy on my soul. What they're really saying to. Jesus is loud. Please enter into the misery of this person that i love and do something about it now. We might think well. Gosh jesus that's quite proper for him to do that to them but then me. The same word is used in hebrews. Let's have a quick look at hebrews chopped to if you've got your bible with you hebrews chapter to this fourteen. The same root word is used instead of being. It's merciful.

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