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And Cox automotive says average prices are also up three percent to just over thirty seven thousand dollars mostly because people are buying pricier SUV's and crossovers, but all that is putting a damper on sales mixed October numbers from auto makers a Z breaks down the US big three. Fiat Chrysler sales were up by sixteen percent last month. When compared with the same month a year ago. This was pushed in part by thirty eight percent increase by the dodge brand Ford Motor Company on the other hand dipped by three point nine percent. Last month sales of the all new expedition, though, jumped by seventy four point seven percent, General Motors post sales numbers quarterly and last month's reported a decline of just over eleven. Percent yesterday, though GM announced during the third quarter. The company posted a profit of two point five billion dollars. A Lisa Z NBC News Radio. Meanwhile, October auto sales were down for Honda and Nissan, but up for Toyota, Subaru, VW and Kia despite GM's higher-than-expected profit. It's also announcing efforts to cut about six point five billion dollars in costs. And a big part of that is buyout offers. There are being extended to about eighteen thousand white collar workers in North America. That's four salaried workers with at least a dozen years of service. The company has about fifty thousand salaried workers in the US, Canada and Mexico workers have until November nineteenth to decide. Whether they want to take the offer now that halloween's over retailers rolling out their black Friday sales ads and looks like Kohl's was the first this year before all the candy was eaten calls at a sixty four page circular posted on its website. And for the second year in a row calls will be open on Thanksgiving Day at five pm, but JC Penney says it will be open three hours earlier. Black Friday will start at J C Penney at two in the afternoon on Thursday and run until ten. Cli- Friday night and penny. Also finished a close second to calls for.

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