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But i feel like there was more to take away from this you know what carlos martinez is going to be the season i think everybody knows what he's going to be the season he's the ace you know he wants to be inside young consideration and i feel like if that's three consecutive games where boy it sure looks like he's a cy young candidate for how he's pitched but what was more positive from this game today was the fact that this miles mike listing was not a fluke that's three consecutive games now he's gone seven innings up sorry two consecutive games he's going seven innings the third one being the first one in the last three he would six and a third gave up four runs but still gave up a run today one ronan seven innings that's not a number five guy here rotation that's a number three guy in your rotation it kind of reminds me of the kyle loesch signing for the cardinals a guy that maybe needed a change of scenery a guy that you wanted to see what he had and how we would fit into a rotation you figure it'd be five guy and then he goes on a tear destroying the ball he's been destroying hitter six strikeouts this afternoon i mean believe joey votto went one for four today didn't strike out the god on base picked up an rbi but look you had a guy in their shortstop leadoff win over four scooter gannett over four with two strikeouts devon missouri co over four with two strikeouts some.

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