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And it's but again. It's like I think the whole thing is a struggle because it's hard to know if if 'cause I certainly believe that and put that into practice, but is that practice and belief a luxury or An example of white privilege and it's like again. Maybe maybe this show is going to have some growing pains because like I can't come out of this with a definitive if that's correct or no absolutely not, but I think. Again we should set up a hotline which is the Dave is wrong hotline? We'll get a different. Given different phone number. That's just people going. You are fucking Dave. You're wrong, wrong. I'm amy was in it, but you you or shitting in the bed. I mean look. Part of Things changing and growing is that we're GONNA. Be Wrong. I, don't care. That's great. Let me wrong like but I think. The, cancel culture shaming. That's happening right now from every angle and every person hot like it has got to stop no one no one is going to feel. Comfortable or like they can act like I. Honestly, there have been so many people being like stop doing this. Don't do this only do this. Stop like and it's white. Eagles a white people in his white people to other and I'm just like we have got to stop like that is not helpful if you're acting as as if we know other people need to do. We don't. Oh! I I'm the the white people. And it's I don't know if I've ever. said this before, but somebody that I talk about how. A boy. This is. Going to tell you about the white supremacists instagram people that found me a couple of months ago. I think you did yes on this show. Yes, you did. Okay. Yeah, well so I'm seeing a lot of people getting called out for the kinds of tweets that I wrote not in the in the time of like crazy or like an inspiring social uprising essentially, but just they found tweets of mine where I kinda just call myself. for being like an annoying white person I hate it when White People Blah Blah Blah and I think it's kind of important to not do that and to not kind of distance yourself from from other. Other, people that are essentially the same as you although I will say those wins firms is found me because they thought I wasn't white. They were like if you're Jewish, you're not white. And then that was what they were angry about. But that's a story for different time you know that I. Mean I don't. Talk about that. But but I'm just saying like I'm seeing a lot of tweets similar to the ones that I got called out for. BILITERAL white supremacists, but I'm seeing people being like way. People were so annoying and it's like I'm looking at your Avatar and you are a white person, and then I'm looking at their mentions, and you're getting called out for being a white person so yeah. It's a real. You know. So, let's say woof Woof to that and then tell me what your relationship and food updates are. If you have them, I do either really small, but my food update is. I'm I'm. Having that like Thank God I'm home feeling after having been on a road trip for like two days. They are two days home and let me tell you something the on the way. There I planned for some degree I didn't plan well, but I had enough snacks, but on the way home I did not have enough snacks and. I ate was so sad. I mean like. DRIED MANGO? Like a few cashews like Dave I ran out of food I I don't eat like fast food and I won't eat fast food. It I get Migraine so. I really a quite literally just like dried on the way home. It was bad. were, not able to stop it all. I was really cautious about stopping. Because like high high traffic, like in the middle of nowhere, the chevrons or the shell stations of gas stations were pretty heavily traffic through. You know like I was I was trying be careful. No one was wearing masks so I didn't go purchase a ton so I just like got some. I honestly even buy anything I. Guess I also wasn't that hungry, but Yeah, so I'm happy. To make do yeah. Yeah. I just had to make do I had like one green juice, but it was rough I. and my favorite food update was really nice to For the first time I tried Dutch grows coffee and their little drive through. That's only like inorder in California, and probably like organ and it's like a tiny little hutch, looking sort of Dutch drive through, and you get your coffee and it was so delicious. I'm GonNa Miss. Roads, but it's really Roku. Repeat little thing. I would love if they brought it to California. And relationship updates I I am on a dating APP. I got bored and just downloaded one I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not and We'll find out but I. I had a zoom date last night and do. I will say this. Guy Looks like a combination of two of my least favorite boyfriends. I just honestly found. Combination, combination just like in general you looked and it was like Oh. That's this guy is in this guy's forehead or or what? He looked like a, he looked like my two least favorite boyfriends.

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