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Putting stress on travelers. It's been crazy preparing for this delay. You can never be ready for it. But hopefully everything goes well. I am exhausted. The mall of America is lifting its lockdown following a shooting on the property Friday night. Fox 9 Minneapolis is reporting one person was killed with two shot inside them all, Bloomington police tweeted that the shooting scene was secured. Twitter's rolling layoffs are continuing this week, Michael kassner reports just days before Christmas, a former Twitter employee told CNN the layoffs saw the company's public policy team whittled down to about 15 employees that team would work with advisory groups like the Twitter trust and safety council that was disbanded earlier this month before new owner Elon Musk took over the public policy team employed over 60 people, must let go of around half of Twitter's employees last month. Michael kassner reporting a Los Angeles jury says rapper Tory lanez is guilty of shooting fellow musician Megan Thee Stallion. She was shot in her feet back in 2020 during an argument at a Hollywood Hills home. Lanes whose legal name is day star Peterson was immediately taken into custody. He faces over 20 years in prison. I'm Brian shook. A New York City councilwoman is demanding shelter improvements after a second suicide by an asylum seeker, Kessler reports. Julie win, a queen's council member says the city has to do more to connect traumatized asylum seekers to mental health support John Ortega a married 26 year old from Venezuela committed suicide in a city run shelter in Queens last week, a migrant mother took her own life in another queen shelter in September, New York has already received more than 30,000 migrants from the southern border and is expecting a thousand a week if title 42 is lifted. I'm Sara Lee Kessler. A verdict ordering conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to pay more than a $1 billion as part of a defamation trial will stand. Yesterday a superior court judge in Connecticut rejected Jones post trial arguments that the $1.4 billion in damages should be lowered and a new trial should take place. Jones attempted to argue the total of the damages awarded to the families of those impacted by the sandy hook school shooting was based on emotion. Some big musical stars made it on this year's Oscars list, more from Liz Warner

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