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Clapback class at the Ron Clark academy rumbling groins clapback that he did you see less week where he got into it with Andrea and Aubrey where Andrea was like, hey, great fake dancing, Aubrey that was so funny in Ron Clark clapback jealous. Much to Andrea. He's got a punch to. Yeah. Don't mess with Ron on Twitter. And so then somebody said, well, the could be more targets. He said more more targets the better. And so this turned into a whole thing of would Ron have worked with Ron Clark. And then somebody put a picture of Russell his face on top of Ron Clark dancing, but Ron Ron Clark wanted to know. Would you have danced with me? Russell Russell had said, no, sir. I wouldn't have. Russell's not going dance with Ron Clark either. It's really amazing. Because Russell does have a history on survivor of fitting in socially with the tribes that he's been on. Yes. Well. Well, all right. So so many of the survivors were piling on Wendy for the Siyam money. Andrea said, Wendy isn't even vegetarian. This is definitely a se- apply. Think every single survivor tweet it out how this was just a ploy for the money, Meghan. Yeah. It's kind of the new oh my gosh. It's so much easier than when I play like an easy thing. Everybody can grasp onto him be like things people places. Wendy jump on. Brenton Lebel that this is interesting because going forward, we will never know if the survivors love for the chickens or if they actually have love for see as money. Prell will be our guests on the feedback show next week. So we can only hope that there will be Fiji pizza reward coming up on next week's episode. We maybe we know as I what was the thing that Ron Clarkson was F R. I F E never mind gone feed. You. We keep that in. Very nicely. Then Andrea said wait, why did we vote out the hot harmless guy for no reason this season is confusing? A lot of the survivors were disappointed to see Chris go out Megan. Yeah. Andrea never did that with Matt Elrod? Bryce said just wondering if at c Underwood thirty seven knows how much of a hash tag team Underwood. I am trust me. Third out ain't so bad so price trying to extend an olive branch to Chris Underwood under the wood. Okay. All right. I'm gonna calendar. Meghan. Reserve a spot for the Zadie calendar coming up also Kelly Woolworth clapping back a little bit on people on Twitter as well. There was this guy just in on Twitter who says can't help but think production helped at Kelly went worth not get voted out yet. Again, seems to be the case every time we have returning players. Kelly re tweeted the guy and said, well, this is cute. Is that the move? Megan. You wanna like I mean that guy did tag her in his post? I think she's got the right to respond. Everyone knows you're not supposed to tag a minute come on. We can do better once again with this. We can do we can do better. I don't know if we can do much better than this though. Now, if if he tweeted that about Joe would have been acceptable because that's just like, a constant, you know, theme going on Joe's Jakko anywhere. That's a constant. Okay. I do have something else that at one point was a constant, but now less so we'd speed tweets Rupert to better than something that happened on survivor Rupert tweets. Yes, meghan. Oh. And this has been a super size social media segment this week, I told you there was a lot going on. But this week Rupert was back on Twitter now as longtime listeners know Rupert bone. Is locked out of his Twitter account. Can't get back on does not remember the password and Twitter will not help him with with opening this backup. But Rupert was back. Live tweeting the episode for the first time in season thirty eight. So we do have a round of the Rupert tweets game..

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