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You have raccoon balls. I could remove that from you and give myself to powers not to west powers is my blood. The smelling blood raccoon bowls so each one with iran not If you wanna keep on saying like i want the powder's keep as a mood is discuss how we would win by. We have window. We are quite often win. Definitely win coon balls. A non vast margus turks like county. you know i'll take one fourteen congress we out our our raccoon balls vegetable. I mean like. I'm in a way. I can transform into like You can trust them into a raccoon. Even out i'll just normal just snowmobiles opens. It turned into raccoon. The bowl they oppose ten of asian mumble. So record involves that'd be dhabi britain. Say you won't even wrap them. Readers discuss how. Because i think with decimate. Yeah with us right. Yeah like you on your like i think. Should i kill mama. Shoes stumping were like why can run up to sixty our energy based many shots ahead of this over the thunder. I think i respect enough to give her a quick death. John not on done anything. Departmental cruelty really tear on. Asha turned into a really strong. Like a tiger can create an energy based Broomstick yeah just so. I think he's gonna know betsy fox. She's exactly what we take it. Madison i mean like if you just to find just turn into like a crocodile killed about that wouldn't be that wouldn't be fab bought like Cast brooms instaflex about animal. Cruelty said we should the only way to kill to kill killer with animal occur. What are you gonna do. These tiger yakov sabertooth tiger. Yeah biggest cat that we know and looking. Let's go after she's gone was the was the method and taken out john wall. Christ i think i think it'd be interesting for me to fight him i. You'll probably win. Just because he's been trained like military trained to fight. And i think he probably will use environment batum we would switch to normal dudes. I'm assuming he's he's trying to jump around and take advantage of a wet by your power is so. Ap that mattress as taisho will probably take him on anyway and then five times as strong. That's an if he finds it opie weapon light from the bat cave like he he somehow gets in the batmobile and managed to pilot which he won't be able to anyway but like you find a weapon not big bitcoin features. Yeah i killed. I can resurrect so. Yeah so i think we've got on by like we can. We can kill. We'll just molin to deficit. i'm happy. I'm particular hormone and this guy because i don't you sign are recorded for our youtube channel. Which guys you can check out because you juventud the flip podcast You'll definitely see our issue. China which is actually gonna be starting to get lot more new content as of now and so checked out and we will am in this fight. At least we would have. I would recall the fight of you. Molding him to death let Las revenue shaky come. It'd be us not really high definition gay for pay. I max wide-screen. Vr snyder the smart. Alex lee alex cook. And he's you more willing to trumpet. And can we do the thing like when he's like don't kill him just more himself as intestines around and he's language back and the coin we push ovar so just. The edge of the coin hits his head to his body. Fine just hits. His head just goes gone. Roller it doesn't fall too slowly. Yes coming towards him. Yes oh gone. Yeah so we can hear screaming Like let's say ripped his legs off of like. I mean his arms in him. Now i mean he's he's a is mobility watkins the them off while they go up to is bulls. Or where does it stop i. It looks like and by the way just to let you now. Looks like his balls off. So i can transport them onto from eyeballs all officers because at least he's got a super soldier serum in there. They have quite quite good soup announced. Yes a winning when he has his like kind of crazy. So i'll bite bull often. I'll just grass asking the white guy. Yea component skin on skin graft why guys bulls marbles then so bulls asian. Goes like white guys. Yeah yeah exactly up game a bit as well. I'm halfway the white guy bulls. I'm asian of go white guy. Well it's exactly and i'll give you my penis so you got black day quiet monday. Mishmash hunting into my heath.

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