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So it was kind of give you the whole slate in Cincinnati the the cardinals facing the reds. It'll be Gombar for the cardinals. The young. Left-hander awesome. Gombar for them will make his first major league start ho face Homer, Bailey who's one in seven with a six, six eight year eight thirty eight strikeouts on season for him in Chicago, the Bax face the cubs clay Buchholz against Kyle, Hendricks buckles to in one of the three to five, six thirty one strikeouts over Hendrix's six and eight with a three, three nine year Ray Texas Rangers. We hosting the as as a starter for Tuesday announced yet whole face Mike minor, whoever it is he's six, six, four, eight nine year on the year in Milwaukee, the the nationals will face the brewers. It'll be Jeremy against junior garra heloc since form with a four or three to ninety around the year. He's been pretty good since being activated for the l. as he's four forty, nine strikeouts gara- is six, six, three, two, three or a ninety six strikeouts on the air for him in Kansas City. Jordan Zimmerman will face Birch. Smith for the. Four, the royals as hill face. Face Jordan Zimmermann it's they're gonna play this game two against Troy plan to game two games for them, but no Zimmerman is. Is foreign twenty three seven one ear AL near sixty. One strikeouts for Zimmerman, Burch Smith owing mom. They five nine eight era on the year allowed six runs in his Spivey hundred five. One third innings starts as a starter for the royals this year in Colorado interleague series. It'll be the Astros visiting the Rockies Garrett. Cole for the Astros is ten into the two five, two hundred seventy seven strikeouts for coal already on the season to our Anderson going for the rocky six and three, three seven two year. A hundred and eight strikeouts for him in the final game on Tuesday is the White Sox in the angels from Anaheim. Carl's Rodion for the White Sox and he's two and three, three five six eight thirty five strikeouts against Felix pain. Ah, for the angels. He's only one or one or no. Sorry. I want to know what they three four to thirty six twenty two strikeouts as it'll be. His first start against. For the second half, he actual his first career appearance against the White Sox. All right. Back to Mondays somehow I got these days mixed up. Not a big deal only to less games on Monday as full slate, Red Sox, Red Sox oils for the games today, folks today, por so against Jacob, Guzman per report. Eleven and four, four one three era. Gazan four and seven, four three three year either goes how how records do not have anything to do with how pitchers pitching because eleven three means he's on eleven and four year. He's a very good team, foreign seven with that same a means you're on about basically in Philadelphia, Ross stripling against Cody Zach eflin for the Phillies stripling CFO right handed. I don't know who's left-handed, who's a lefty for them in their rotation. I'm thinking of one Phillies do stripling is eight and two two eight year eight hundred eight.

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