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Do I deeply respect? How do I connect with these animals and then kill? I'm crude Iverson. I live here in Juneau. I've got a couple of kids a wife I worked for the federal government. The National Marine Fisheries Service. I grew up in Michigan Rural Michigan. And like a lot of people I came here is it as a young person and state I usually hunt alone. I almost always hunt alone and I appreciate being alone I really do. It's hard to describe the thrill I feel. I have my pack on my back my rifle my hands hands and I'm walking up some dally that I've never been before and then if I see track of a big buck deer and I know he's he's really close by that charges it even more and you hear a snap in the woods in you know he's coming in that sense the vent his reputation is very and then there's he steps into view and then there's the challenge of making making a clean kill. Am I good enough to hold the rifle steady and put the bullet where it's supposed to go and the skill that goes along with that because you've been practicing it and working on it since you were a kid and it happens and that is drilling a charge to watching watching the and we'll go down in the scope and then you walk up on the animal and his dead you and that's the deflated moment. There is there is a moment there when I think any any real hunter says.

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