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Will give you easy access, or when you're home, just ask your smart speaker to play wbm news radio. Ten O 8, traffic and weather together on the 8s, here's Brian peck. Well, we have good news from the bishop Ford for hours. We had the outbound lanes closed at 159th ongoing investigation from an overnight crash, that has been cleared up. It is completely clear. In fact, moving smoothly in both directions 13 minutes, 80, 94 to the Dan Ryan 13 minutes Dan Ryan out to 80 94, so you're looking good on the bishop Ford, back to normal there. On the dusa lakeshore drive you're good northbound in southbound no major issues there, the tri state, all the tollways are moving well. In I 80, eastbound westbound and Joliet looks good. Northwest Indiana no major problems there. The edens is 15 minutes in either direction on the Kennedy or a 15 minute ride O'Hare into downtown 9 minutes from the Eden's junction in outbound your 9 minute ride out to montrose 15 minutes out to O'Hare if you have any plans here this morning, the O'Hare one 90 extension looks good eastbound and westbound no major issues. On the Eisenhower 31 minutes, Jane Adams stood the Jane Byrne interchange 13 minutes for mannheim in 13 out to mannheim 31 out to I 90 on the Stevenson you're good 25 minutes I three 55 to stop a lakeshore drive 17 coming in from the tri state going out bound your 8 minutes out to Cicero 5 minutes from there to midway for any flight plan, 17 out to the tri state 25 out to I three 55. I 55 will county is good. Dan Ryan's great. I 57 in good shape. Next traffic coming up at ten 18 news radio one O 5 9. The W BBM AccuWeather forecast for the rest of this Sunday. We'll see mostly sunny skies will feel the milder temperatures

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