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Cardinals mark McGwire and the Chicago Cubs in the sos and bark on a chase of one of the game's most hallowed records igniting the passion and imagination of fans and non fans everywhere long god summer premieres this Sunday June fourteenth at nine eastern on ESPN and ESPN two the film will be available to stream on ESPN plus following the debut for all the latest headlines information tune the SportsCenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day John Amaechi played many years in the NBA it is one of the least interesting things about him we enjoyed talking to him about all sorts of things so let's begin John and thank you for joining us what do you do with the news that the NFL is now ready to commit two hundred fifty million dollars over the next ten years to social causes so I'm happy that they're going to spend some money I think spending money in lieu of actually changing is is pretty rich I mean how could you have any respectable for Colin Kapernick and and embrace this message whole heartedly would be my take you know what what I'm what I'm truly magical Negro George Floyd must be in order for the NFL to suddenly change on a dime like that none of the other deaths that happen on a daily weekly basis move them not not fi dignified protest of one of their own no no no that course constructive dismissal but but somehow this is that moment it makes absolutely no sense and it's a disgraceful disgraceful show to me again send that money to it right now the older right because this and take no credit for it because they don't deserve any and so what do you do with for example same thing with NASCAR and finally listening to their one a black driver and saying okay now we'll get rid of the Confederate flag this is nothing to do with that one but driver they could give a damn about him this is to do with a sensitivity in the public at large and the scrutiny from from television the problem when it finally gets back on television this is I mean when we were when we reward people for doing something that was known to be terrible in the nineteen hundreds for for for continuing that for another century I mean we we just we've known that that's what that flag stands for symbolism in America is deeply important it's deeply important in the United Kingdom to but we've known that this is a flag that it's not about anything but a traitorous group and that's a British person saying that it would be like having a British flag on your thing is that the one that would be less offensive now major you questioning the timing and sincerity on all of this is that what is that what I sense you're doing here I think you picking up what I'm putting down and listen I will take it that good courses are aided by the guilt of rich white men but what I will not have is that their misdeeds that consistent and ongoing misdeeds are somehow a radic hated by this one act of largesse I still dont is raising a finger in here like Joe name if I noticed you through sincerity in there with timing and you didn't just support your denture listening to the our needs why were you well why were you upset at economic adviser Larry Kudlow what is it that he said that bothered you recent I don't know how or when was I upset with Larry Kudlow I'm I thought that I saw on Twitter that you were bothered to with the idea that he had said that there is no systemic race the United States oh no I'm sorry minding yeah you know what the problem is I have taken I have taken to electively dropping the names of people I hate out of my brain I just think they shouldn't occupy my hard drive and so I completely put but now you said I can see his ridiculous frame in a bad suit listen the idea of why are we asking people like that about important questions I was on a panel the other day on TV here in the U. K. what they were asking about the two metre distance and we should we keep the ticket and it's like one the person next to me was a television personality the person on the other side was just some bloke and and it's like are you looking public health and even I think this is a conversation we should lead to the scientists so the fact that he thinks he can talk about systemic racism and deny it a quick you know unequivocally when it spits out some specific been studied for years and years and this is one of those things that is more roundly accepted them climate change it's just ridiculous the boldness of it to dismiss a systemic prejudice on the basis of what you would prefer to be true and what is a more politically correct line for that particular individual disgusting where do you think we're gonna be in six months John you know what I I look back I'll look back on all my pontificating over the years and the number of times that I've sat with people talking about how with the question so does this mean everything's going to change in my answer over the years I can make a tape of it is just I hope so I hope so I hope so but every time I listen to that I hope so it's a little bit less sure and it's never been less fuel than right now I think there will be some some assistance because people at the NFL and others will pay to assuage the guilt knowing that it gives them some runway to continue to be truly terrible and so maybe in the short term some organizations some some funds will be enhanced but will systemic racism change no I'm surprised to hear you say that you're less hopeful now that you've been because this feels like a more hopeful time like you're just not buying that that it can indoor only the kind of changes are quiet people are very quick to talk about ally ship and and and and that's what's required right ally ship it's not just black people who need to fortify themselves and vote and whatever else that these are important elements but we need ally ship but people think ally ship is is I don't know reading a James Baldwin book but that's that's not it educating yourself the number of people down the number of people this week who I've been talking to on television and they've been saying things like I never realized that white people cross the street when you walk towards them I can't believe it and I am so saddened and exhausted by this because it's not that they're racist because of that but what it means is they have not have the information they require to be an ally and some of these people of fifty and sixty years old so they have not in the course of fifty or sixty years in a city as diverse as London ever once had an instance where they've created a connection with a black person that's strong enough to know this information and that is devastating so while I think lots of people lots of allies are learning things about that black and brown brothers who are being differentially treated I am not sure that many people are going to be willing to enjoy that for much longer and they just kind of hope to the news cycle move on as you've made the television rounds is there any one point or any group of points that you've been insistent on making because you need people to hear it yeah I've been telling people it's not enough to not to be racist it's not enough to not be racist you have to be anti racist and that is not a controversial position to be against the **** party is not a controversial position to be against people who believe that black people are less than human is not a controversial position and I think that is the minimum we should expect in order to be civilized we can call ourselves civilized that's the one part the second part is that what you can do as you decide to go on to racist you most people don't have and I think I said this last time this massive in front of the whole world but what they can do is they can decide that maybe the.

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