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They're terrible. Oh yeah that's why great for tv back. Tear their finest shit and they're too young to say notice like love islands so much like it more so far because there is a stronger balance of gender or whatever like fyi island is twenty four niggers and three of the same girls. Per and i've seen write-ups calling it the most feminist show ever or whatever. I'm trying to see through so far is literally one girl who caught. Who's a stylist one whose described as the content creator and one's a social media manager and they don't show anyone's age and they're like interview but they show all of their qual occupations and i swear they try these people because it's like this is a bitcoin investor ached talker. And it's like that big told you he told you that he works for like the usps but also is big on and you call them and take talker so we would call him a fuck boy like this a bit too much. I might stick with love island. I liked cash. A the black girls on mir sweet. But now you just reminded me. I need to put too hot to handle on the rosters. It's very fun. I was actually me and framework. Just chilling Like smoking weed and weaving something out of wooller. Something and tristan was sitting there watching too hot to handle and it just drug. Nfl 'cause we were like what is this bullshit. And then by the end of one episode. We were completely hooked. That's how it happened. That's how they get you because you like is like eighteen white people every two black people. And i don't care because the show is so ridiculous. It's just much of very young people whose brains aren't done. Developing very conventionally attractive people all on one isolated space and then basically daring them not to fuck or whatever. And that's too hot to handle your whether or not a little nine or hold hands or hug or anything if they're cursing touch now so it's like the amount of money you lose it depends on how right so if you have sex you lose the most but then they have like cottage like simulating sex actions counselors losing money in oral of course counts kissing counts and i think holding hands probably even counts. I think so but holding hands. It's like ten dollars whereas having sex is like thousand so it's like okay. So i have to put to good. It's so good but you're right. They're all like incredibly young people and like even the ass boy thing it's like only allah fuck wise and these women are truly looking for love all y'all want to climb your social media ranks. That's what i get a spin off or whatever and that's fine but you're right that you you spent like the first fifteen to twenty minutes being like all of these people are terrible. They're insufferable so annoying. I hate this. Oh and by the end of like forty five minutes or like the fuck is caving thing. He's got him talking to you. Because let me tell you one thing. My streamer absolutely. You're not gonna do her like just a misses. The most anti feminist programming leave ever seen. This is so wrong about like how dare athletes sheena fine like really like yelling at the tv and fully being invested. these shows. They grab you in so. Don't watch them if you do not too hot to handle is ally grove is a mess And and so either the rest. Yeah they literally all awful but they're better for me right now where i'm at. I'm more entertaining than just watching a bunch of women go to lunch and then I feel you 'cause like let me just watch grateful making primal decisions. Look as it's limbic. Brain kurai dr been holding a nigga for forty motherfuckers be in love with some light is after twelve hours crying like an episode and a half later fucking shady as narrator as light right now. The chopper rise sued and bryson is touted pecs green eyes and the same crime. Motherfuckers like it's over like it's so great. Yeah it's great like luanne..

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