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From townhall dot com. I'm Keith Peters. Speaker of Britain's House of Commons John berko dealt a potentially fatal blow to Prime Minister Theresa May's ailing Brexit deal saying the government couldn't keep asking lawmakers to vote on the same deal. They've already rejected twice this. When he thought that Britain's political crisis couldn't deepen or Brexit, get any more uncertain. It has done just that. Because I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that what John Burke who has done potentially. The speaker is to put a bomb underneath Theresa May's Brexit strategy because essentially saying look that deal the already have rejected twice by MP's in overwhelming numbers e cannot bring it back again, which of course, was her strategy unless the some real change that begs the question well well enough, but this real change come from and hang on a minute. Aren't we supposed to be leaving the European Union a week on Friday BBC's, rob Watson, homeland security secretary cures to Nielsen says her department may have been? Founded to combat terrorism but its mission is shifting to also confront emerging online threats. Nielsen says all of society needs to confront emerging threats. Not just US troops in government agents on the front lines anymore. It's US companies. It's our schools and gathering places, it's ordinary everyday Americans. A suspect is in custody and the killings of three people on a tram in the Netherlands, but he's an attractive identified. The gunman as Turkish born golfman tennis who they said was linked to the attack. Dutch Justice Minister for grappa. How says surveillance footage from the tram system was helpful during the manhunt this? Person was on camera on the surveillance camera of the tramway. So we were able to very soon. Spot him to wholesale. Connect him to a runaway car on Wall Street that out by sixty five points. The NASDAQ rose twenty five.

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