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I would see And how much time do we have here? Ah, you're probably good. No. Okay, all right, because we have sports weather traffic. Yes. Oh, it's okay, everybody. It's okay. Jazz lost to the Timberwolves again, but just barely. I just wanna one. Oh, 51 ofour. That's one point that matter. Doesn't matter. It's a loss. Quin Snyder said. I saw some things I liked in this game. I'm not worried. We're bound to lose a few Donovan Mitchell is still out. It's okay. Dime. I'm manic. I'm not convinced. I think I'm off. The jazz Band wagon already were one. We are fair weather fans. They're still number one. They played the King's tomorrow at eight p.m., whether well, it's going to be kind of a crazy week. So today there's still a slight chance of showers. 57 for hi. Tomorrow, mid sixties, Thursday, mid seventies, Friday, Saturday, mid eighties we could be 85 on Saturday. So we're gonna go like that. Okay, There's your weather. You said I could sit out on the patio this past weekend and I couldn't I don't know what happened that was not expected. Having some trust issues I wasted on wait this past weekend was wasn't funny, but it was okay. No, hold up here. It was cold. Did you go outside Belle? It was cold. I think I think you looked out the window and it was cold. It was cold. Okay. Uh, Mother, I was wrong. Whether brought to you by Scott Hail scheduled your appointment by April 30th to get a professional. A C or furnace tune up for only $49 was Scott Hill. Plumbing, heating and air. Call a tow 1264 H a l E. To spinouts on. I 80 eastbound on East Canyon with roadways very icy on that overpass. The right lane and shoulder are blocked with emergency vehicles and we heard from a couple friends of the program that saw that happen. Glad they made it through there. Okay. If you see something and make it through, okay.

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