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Be one of those goals and would it be such validation if joke joe girardi ended up winning one of those games against tito francona ellison i tito francona right now is the best manager in its active in the postseason i'd as the best manager major league baseball that said it was nice to see tito ashley make a move that pull off in his face basharuli didn't work like starting trevor power on three days as the yankee stadium was a nightmare he had nothing he lit up like a christmas tree was knocked down the second game so it it was nice to see tito francona actually make a move his went down to train joe already wants that sort of game you know it you know it to strengthen his team is within the bullpen adding cc will be competitive will keep in a game how much he's going to give you if he pitched into the sixth danny keep it to the six thing i'd be very thrilled that i'd be very surprised or a gold id or who co who who can guard to uh but it's worse who goes well the guy's a com who veteran who knows who and we lose about having a kornacki own also widened the low for him who's gonna group i i i don't who bowers you scroll welcome kwy shut out on the won't use it on the first quarter i w i'd be careful i'd be careful there john corrie coopers dan good now as bad is he was in game two remember the first two games that in face the new york yankees this year and i was in the building for one of them is a late august game against severino he was nasty i expect him to be nasty he's just got to go this stuff his demeanor is to even killed i don't think the moment will be too big for corey kober bought the indians it telling it air all aok that that loosing couzy that they're not feeling the pressure in any way as far as pressure goes all the pressure in the world is on cleveland the deliver and win this game number five the pressure is not dare for the new york yankees it's not the yankees day could be as lucy gets they should have died then tally yes or no were as cordial abu tutor who won't.

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