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Conseco against in the SkyDome. Remember that? Don't you feel like I mean, that That was mean Stanton Stanton. And you know, it was kind of like getting dogged by the New York media earlier this year, you know, and he's just been on A ridiculous run. He's got three home runs in the Syriza coming into tonight. He's got five home runs and four postseason games so far this year. Me and when he's healthy, he's one of if not the most dangerous guy in league with a bat in his hand when he's healthy money, So that's why they're dog because he's made he's making scratch, But he's not healthy. Yeah. You know, there's a lot for him to keep healthy But, man, when is right ability is availability. Yeah, or durability. A challenge is durability. Better than availability. So I think that's the same thing you guys like in that series, by the way, because their errors Ariza Raina, for for Tampa is like a rock star in the world, a rose arena. That guy's hot in Tampa, You know, I mean, Tampa could put a good pitcher out almost every night that, you know, last night glass now tonight, they're going, Charlie Morton. I mean, I love Charlie Morton. Hey, don't group for the A's. Unless you're a Yankee fan. For whatever reason, I don't How do you not root for? I mean ideas that the rays Hey, not root for a team that nobody knows anybody heading that route for that team, Of course, But you just said you don't know who they are. Lambrou today. That's what Well, I guess you're right to me. That's a reason to root for him because you could tell you pathetically watch such games and you're young. You're caught up with with everybody, but I just You know, everybody started. She's everybody could name the Yankees and Tom if that team's not in Tampa. It's a different story. If that team if if if the Reds had that team, I think you'd be a different story Just because Do you know the Cincinnati Reds? I mean, they've been around since the 18 80. What the blank ever if that's the Indians, or, you know again, just a team that you know that that's got some? No in the streets. I think people would be inclined, Tio. Root for them just blindly or get to know him because I know that team. But the Tampa Bay Rays I just People just don't know There's just the camp a baseball. Yeah, it's more of a more clear underdog. It's more of a you know, I'm rooting against the Yankees. Who they playing Tampa Wait, Let's go. Tampa But but it is incredible, though the Tampa Has assembled what they have had the year they had best record in the game or whatever best record in the league, At least 40 and 20, and they're doing it with all these no names. I mean, I mean, if we said who is the biggest no name champions in history, I mean basketball wise, What's the biggest no name champion, and they don't have a single star on their team. Which of that, you know, even the 88 Dodgers as bad as they were talent wise, so that her Shazzer and Gibson I mean, they're very It's very, very rare that you see somebody win a title that has no stars on their team or no. No, I should say stars because glass now's a great young pitcher, but, you know, I'm saying no, You are not a household name, You know, but no name. Brand stars. Yeah. Good question. Because even the Pistons didn't have like Hall of Famer, but they had been anybody knew who they were even kind of casual basketball fans. Voice makes me laugh every time every time basketball. You absolutely need the stars. I mean, they make right look at the difference. They make him. That's why the Pistons were such an outlier. Because they're the only team I could find in the last 40 or so years outside. I think you have to go back all the way. I always mention the SuperSonics back in the late seventies, but You have to mean Every team has a Hall of Famer that that is one of championship at least one hall I call a fame type player. Ah, They didn't and they they're gonna have to get some guys in the Hall of fame. I do believe, but Wallace is He's going, right? Yeah, that's a good good boy is the is the best The Hall of Fame. They put pretty much anybody in if you wait long enough and been while this is going to get in Wallace Hall of Fame, though, I don't know, Boy, that's a tough one. I mean, he did to endure Player of the year a few years. Boy. Here's one he upset our tests that one night I would say out of all of them. Yeah, Who's the most likely to go in and out of that group? Chauncey, maybe grip It's also include your college right in so rip. Yes does rip went to UConn. So that's possibly College Basketball Hall of Fame accounts. That's why people are asking about Ginobili and I go Forget Ginobili. Nobody's in. He'd be in the N B. A. But when you figure Argentina and everything he did internationally, that that's an automatic, not even if I think they look a use. That's too Who knows? I don't know how far they go back. I'm not. I'm not sure how far they go back. But I was like going. I was like, Okay. Lakers Hall of Famers. Bulls Hall of Famer is Old Pistons All of Famers old Lakers Hall of Famers old Celtics. Hall of Famer is new Lakers. Ah Hall of Famers. Heat Hall of Famer Spurs Hall of Famers Warriors Hall of Famers. Hate is keep going. And its Hall of Famers Hollow. Toronto Famers Famers Quiet absolutely will be a end up being a Hall of Famer. And then who knows? After that, whatever there Their careers lied to, but for sure him. Ah, but the Celtics, I mean, they were pistons. You could make a case that none of them make it a couple of a make it, I think, but it's not like you looking and go. Oh, yeah Hall of Famer with the rest of the teams. That too, Given me just go. Absolutely that guy and that guy or that guy, that guy that guy looked back at the old Ah, build rockets. I mean, became bump done. Hall of Famer man isn't giving you You knew it when he was playing, I guess, given Hall of fame or move on. Ah, Hey, Clyde Hall of Famer. So I mean, every team seemingly has at least one, probably to. Ah, but the Pistons. Ah, kind of questionable, But, yeah, you're right. I mean, Tampa Bay were to win. I've been trying to quickly in my mind trying to go back and think of teams that have one. World. Siri's at like, didn't have like that marquee, you know, stud. Players on their team. I mean, Minnesota one a couple of years, but they had Kirby and they had more. Jack Morrison wasn't with Holland were viol on those teams. What? He was on the 87 8, right? Not not 91 talked about the other one. So they, I guess maybe if you want to go back. The old card. 90 cents, Rosie. What the? What about the bear? Larkin? Hall of Famer? Yeah, You got me lurk in the Hall of Fame. Remember? I think that team at Air Davis and Paul O'Neill and the greatest boy League the nasty boys, so many handsome name, acquired a wire that on that team. But it's highlighted. It just is. I mean, which lets you know that coaching is important. Players win damages that some I'm going about. 84 Tigers head Give Trammel they had with wars. Darrell Evans was the Bluejays. The Blues is Molitor and windy and they were the most talented they forget. There's uber. Yeah..

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