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Sports network it is forty to 21 clemson as the lead on mobile on has not even that close to be perfectly honest remark jackson israeli struggle the night with a couple of interceptions than is about fifty percent completion again they're up by 19 with seven minutes to go at proper john's cardinals stadium in louisville elsewhere fourth right you c coming off a big time one against damper last week where they gained three hundred yards rushing taken on a texas team that has been maligns is weak one when they gave of fifty one marilyn braga was scoreless still about four minutes to go in the second quarter they each scored a touchdown but it wasn't until the end of the second quarter where you had the biggest highlight darnell rolls right rose what are you i do jio in this the driver pete argue arbogast on the you as georgian radio network they're up fourteen seven it is 1410 with fourteen minutes to go on the ballgame texas hanging out with you s e out of the coliseum so they're certainly a story their big time story light in start phil mississippi twelve right dell as you on the road at mit sippy state the bulldogs it beat the tigers just once since two thousand eight and just beat a they dominated fitzgerald takes our snap sprints out to his right slant thirty sex neil prizrem layer.

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