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Together coming up the news brought to us by twin river casino we begin with a developing story unfolding now in miami florida the fire department confirming there are multiple fatalities after the collapse of a footbridge this happened on the campus of florida international university at least five cars have been crushed isabella carrasco saw what happened really just huddling together and making sure that everyone's okay even people that don't call me there they they came to me and comforted me pedestrian on the side of the road i mean this communities so strong when so loyal to one another that it's really no surprise that they've come together in a moment of tragedy the fourteen million dollar bridge crossed over a highway dividing the u campus from the city of sweetwater florida multiple ambulances on scene right now again this bridge had just been installed on saturday of this past week a brand new bridge and again rescue crews on scene and there are fatalities let's get more cbs news special report there are fatalities in florida from pedestrian bridge collapse at florida international university in miami here's w f o r tv's rick full by brand new bridge you in west miami dade has collapsed killing several people and injuring many more we don't have exact numbers yet and of course in the early goings of these breaking news stories that kind of information is typically not not available with any kind of certain nine hundred fifty ton overpass was installed last saturday this woman adjust driven past the bridge as for survivors and it was one of the construction workers who have been injured in a fall and he was pulled off to the side of the road he seemed a little delirious little confused congressman mario diaz balart it'd be a lot of questions to be answered for right now the most important thing is to try to save again save these people who are hopefully still alive cbs news special report i'm dave barrett wbz news we'll keep you posted on the story coming out of miami florida throughout the coming hours let's update the power outage situation in massachusetts right now crews working round the clock have reduced the number to thirteen thousand seven hundred twenty two again the cape and south shore with the hardest hit by the.

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