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Hey, the ringer dot com is covering sports pop culture, this basketball trade deadline, and has a piece for me because I came back at a retirement. It happened. I wrote a very, very, very, very long NBA trade value column. It had been a couple of years. The process took a little longer than usual. I was happy with the end result, but man, I look back in the days when I could just crank out 4000 words and four hours and I don't know what happened to that person. I mean, I could barely drive a car at this point of mold. But it was fun to throw myself back into it. It was fun to go through the editing process. The list was really, really, really, way harder to figure out than I can ever remember. And any other trade value, we have so many good players. The contracts for the most part are not really that bad anymore. So it was like putting together a big jigsaw puzzle. And then especially trying to figure out the last 12, 15, that was tougher than usual. So anyway, that's going to go up on the ringer dot com on Friday. Please check it out. It's part of our big rankings build that we did where we had the top hundred players league pass rankings, the trade value, and then I'm going to start updating this probably like every couple months, not with as many words as I wrote, but at least trying to move the list around and see who went up and who went down. Because even I started working on this, I would say November and the list just kept changing. Guys just kept all of a sudden, you know, Jade and I have a year out. See you later, or Trae Young, you were in the late teens up. You're moving backwards. So it is a living organism. It was very fun to write. Friday, the ringer dot com. Be ready. Coming up on this podcast where you're not going to talk about Tom Brady. He retired again. I'm not positive, I believe it. I think he ran out of options for now. And we'll see where it goes. But I think he was waiting to see what Sean Payton was going to do. And there was a possibility, could Sean Payton go to Carolina. Who knows? Sean Payton ended up going to Denver, who already has a very expensive quarterback, so that was that. Doesn't seem like San Francisco is that interested in the Tom Brady reunion. And then Miami was the other place that I think was a possibility. And they committed to tua. So there you go. He ran out of teams. This is how it happens. This happened to Peyton Manning. If you remember a few years ago, Peyton Manning did not want to retire. But kind of ran out of teams that wanted an aging QB and whether that just happened to Brady. I don't know. Will he pop on the Super Bowl? I don't know. But we did the last time he retired. We did a whole bunch of braided stuff. I'm not doing that again. And I don't totally trust that he's gone either. I feel like he's like a boxer. What's he going to do? It's going to be TV, like this guy's bread and built to just win football games. So we'll see. I could see him hanging around and waiting to see how this season goes staying in shape and you're always wondering drew away from being needed. So anyway, great career. Certainly the most important football player ever passed through my life, 6 super bowls, loved watching them, and I'm not positive either. Coming up on this podcast, it is a very special NBA podcast. We were doing a fake trade NBA draft to celebrate the trade deadline next week. Chris Ryan, Kevin O'Connor, rob Mahoney, the big guns are here. It's all next, first, our Friends from. Project. All right, this is the first time we've ever tried this. It is a fake trade draft. We are going to go around the horn. Rob Mahoney Kevin O'Connor, Chris Wayne. We're going to throw a fake trades. The ground rules are going to be this. So

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