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Much of this one making it up as we go along when you have more questions than answers this flattening mean that we'll soon see a decrease or does it suggest there's a plateau well that is a great question there's one voice you can turn to for true want to turn now to the important issue of mental health understanding how do we socially distance without emotionally distancing herself and making sense of our world we are all in this together the CBS evening news with Norah o'donnell on CBS tonight at eight PM eastern the internet has offered the ability for people to discuss but at the same time you provided a platform that anybody can put their information out on there what if the moon is a hologram what if it's not real the Bible describes world living evolution's fry the world is there not a national standard for science instruction in this country who here believes in evolution like almost everything in our lives our sleep and dreams are being affected by the corona virus in a Harvard survey more than two thousand people describe five thousand covert related dreams in the past month they include nightmares about getting the virus and anxiety dreams about forgetting to wear masks outside Dr Carol ashes a sleep specialist and chief medical officer at RWJBarnabas health in Rahway New Jersey good morning doctor Asch I know so many people have been telling me they've had strange dreams recently in including myself I've had a couple of really surreal ones the kind where you wake up and you go what was that so what is going on in our heads what Anthony dreams or physiologic signal and their their normal we have them all the time sometimes we don't know we are having them but it's your body and your brain processing the events and experiences experiences of the day it's for emotional processing and helps us prepare for future events so is it basically healthy to have these dreams as disturbing as some of the maybe yeah well they they are healthy.

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