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They've as I pointed out this comes off a CD where the Dixie hummingbirds the old school gospel guys. They went back in snake? Dr John leeann hell who else a bunch of other people in there to truly amazing stuff. I mean, just just weeks engine stuff right there. That's too many troubles Dixie hummingbirds alternative bump music Friday. This is your PHD level music education. Every Friday, we mix it up. We don't we don't do the standard run of the mill bump music. That's good stuff. That's good stuff. But we which which we play Monday through Thursday, all that stuff is excellent stuff. But what we do on Fridays as we just you never know where we're gonna come from one hundred catch on a mouse. Now, I'm looking at a at a post on a daily caller. I dunno. If Tucker Carlson is still part of this operation or not this was his site. Probably who knows. But anyway, he well he's doing his TV show now, but I'm looking at a guy walking along and he's he's trying to hide something behind his back. Obviously, you can see this. If you go. Over the daily caller. In fact, it is titled what is it titled it is titled video show. Well, yeah, it's obvious. The video shows migrants throwing rocks at Mexican helicopter. These are the dirtbags that I have decided to game the United States. These are not good people. This is not as well. Some of them are good people in their refugees. Refugees are not en masse refugees are individuals. This is an invasion force. This is a war invasion force. So anyway, the sky as he's not throwing around. He's got them. All cocktail. It's not like clearly see it. It's a glass bottle. He's got a rag out of the top of it looks like a beer bottle. He started to throw it at a helicopter. This guy is on his way to the United States right now. This guy right here, and you can get over and see this. It says the video from Sunday shows young man, throwing rocks at the helicopter as a Mexican helicopter circling around the also show, one of them also seems to be carrying what appears to be an unlit molotov cocktail on the bridge that connects Mexico and Guatemala. It is a molotov cocktail. I'm looking right at it. Now, the other thing is is that's where they came in. And it's hard to believe that the Mexican government allowed this to happen if they weren't complicit complicit, they never would've. But you gotta keep in mind that when these guys came across the border and busted that fence up and started beating up police, how could the Mexican government let that happen unless they're saying, you know, all hanging out of the way, they're going to the US will help them get through because we want to hurt the United States of America. These are all acts of war. God bless our president for saying. And he straight up said he said if somebody throws a racket shoes truck into the military everybody down there is it's about time. Somebody said this is somebody throws a rocket. You. You considered a rifle considered somebody's shooting at you. That's exactly what it is. Now. There's a story here. I want to click on and let's see as it were the of your attention. It's the purge is not a joke. One hundred plus arrested in Paris after violent Halloween riots in a show somebody with one of those crazy bats like Nagin had in Walking Dead. It'd be a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. And apparently, they're beating the hell out of people over there. What what's going on in the world? Well, I'll tell you what's going on the world actually have an answer for that. I knew it before I said that us being melodramatic what's going on in the world is a communist revolution straight ups communist revolution exaggeration. That's Inouye exaggeration. It's a fact the communist revolution is all about huge government, and the people that are out there right now in the streets. We explain this almost every day to you are the shock troops. Do you know what happens to these people when the revolution finally takes it takes effect comes in all the way large, and let's say gets control what when we get a completely socialist meets communist government worldwide. You know, what happens all these people are done away with? It's always been like that. That's exactly what happened in Italy tapping in Germany happened in China happened in Russia. The people that are out there in the streets. They can they're the revolutionaries. They have to be shut down because they're too powerful and the central planners, the powers that be that think they know better than you. And of course, they know better than them. There's using them to Reynolds right now, they're what they call useful idiots. But man, they wreak havoc while they're out there. Yeah. So here's a guy with a multi cocktail keep in mind. It nothing came of it that we know of reported, but the helicopter had gone any lower. You could see people coming pretty darn close to on rocks at each rack up at the router rotor, rather, whatever it is in a helicopter, especially on the tail end, it's all over Jack. So this guy's got again, a molotov cocktail, and they were throwing those already over the fence when they were Guatemala coming into Mexico. They're coming to the US who's financing it, by the way. Well, I think I told you one of the finance. Here's and it isn't somebody. That's got a lot of dough to finance not like indivisible, and George Soros. No. No. No. No. But it's beta Aurora. Yeah. Beta Aurora the guy that wants to be Senator from Texas. I saw something the other day on the back of a car think for second. Where was I I was in a house in a red light and the car in front of me had indivisible, and it said one nation. Indivisible is George Soros is finance group. It had one nation under God had a red line through it. You could see the under God. But they had red lined out said one nation indivisible that is Soros's operation. Make no mistake about that. They now have bumper stickers for it. So far we've fallen you're on the edge. Salter native bump music Friday..

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